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Cathy Magowan Carer Support Developments Western Health and Social Care Trust (MARCH 2014)

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1 Cathy Magowan Carer Support Developments Western Health and Social Care Trust (MARCH 2014)

2 Cathy Magowan - Carer Support Co- ordinator in the Western Trust (formally Sperrin Lakeland Trust). In post for ten years. Carers Development Workers Carmel Corrigan (Foyle) Laura Ritchie (SLT)

3 Carers Development Worker Role · To assist with the implementation of the Carers Strategy · To ensure accurate and up to date information is available for carers and staff. · To promote carers assessment and direct payments · Provide information and advice to Carers Support Groups/Health fairs/Events · Raise awareness of carers issues · Develop innovative approaches for Carers engagement and involvement in service review and development

4 Legislative/Policy Background Carers and Direct Payments Act (NI) 2002 Inspection of Support for Carers of Older People (2005) DHSSPS Regional Carers Strategy “Caring for Carers” (2006) The Standards for Adult Social Care Support Services for Carers (June 08) VFM Audit of support services for Carers in NI (2008) Regional Trust self audit on Carers Strategy Implementation (2009) & WHSCT Carers Strategy (2009)

5 Within the Carers and Direct Payments Act a carer is defined as ‘an individual, aged 16 or over, who provides or intends to provide a substantial amount of care on a regular basis’. This care must be provided on an informal (unpaid) basis. WHO IS A CARER?

6 Carers and Direct Payments Act (Northern Ireland) 2002 Places a duty on Trusts and Boards to offer Carers a Carers (Support Needs) Assessment and the power to provide services directly to Carers. Changes to Direct Payments.

7 Carer Support Role To drive forward the Carers Strategy (action plan for each POC). To ensure Carers issues are considered in developing, planning and implementing services at all levels. Implement DoH recommendations and circulars What does Carer Support mean?

8 Carer’s Strategy Key Priorities for Action Recognition of Carers Information for carers Training Support Services Young Carers Employment

9 What does this mean in practice? Development of Carer Support Needs Assessment (Regional tool). Carer’s (Database) Register. Carer’s Newsletter. Carer’s Week and Information Events. Establishment of Carers Cash Grant (Older Peoples/ Adult LD and PD). Support for Carers Groups

10 Young Carers Project Barnardo’s (recurrent funding) Carer involvement in Trust Carers Steering Group GP Initiative Workshops for Trust managers on supporting carers in the workplace. Carer Awareness/Carers Assessment training for staff. Working in partnership with PHA and Me Unltd to deliver personal development programmes for carers across the Trust. Carers Walking Group. What does this mean in Practice cont.

11 Legislative context – Carers and Direct Payments (2002) Act NI Alternate way of receiving services from the Trust. Is not a Benefit! DIRECT PAYMENTS

12 Direct Payments are cash payments given to persons in lieu of services that would otherwise have been arranged for them by HSS Trusts, so that they may arrange the provision of their own services. Direct payments allow greater flexibility for service users, allowing them to make arrangements with providers of their choice and at times convenient to them.

13 Process 1.Starting point – client/user is assessed as needing personal social services or key worker carries out a review with the user as to how their needs are being met. 2.Application for services approved by panel. 3.Key Worker establishes if the client is eligible and can manage direct payments. 4.Key Worker will work with client and CIL advisor to set up direct payment.

14 What does this mean for the Client/User? They become an employer. Have to organise employers liability/public liability insurance. Recruit and manage Care Worker/Personal Assistant. Agree job description/Person Specification and Interview

15 Set up separate bank account. Have to manage the paperwork (with help if necessary).

16 Carers Assessment The carer assessment should identify the impact of the caring role on the carer taking into account the carer’s age, general health and well being, employment status, interests, other commitments, etc. The assessment should also recognise that caring responsibilities involve physical tasks. Moreover, the caring role may be intermittent or sporadic depending on the illness, condition or disability of the cared for person.

17 OUTCOMES Carers say there are a number of positive outcomes for them in having an assessment carried out, even where practical services may be restricted because of financial constraints. They value: Recognition of their role. Peace of mind from knowing how to make contact in the future. A chance to talk through issues and consider their own needs.

18 Continued Information about the condition of the person they are caring for and its likely progression. Information on other support, such as carer support groups and local statutory and voluntary services. A sense of shared responsibility, particularly where any support offered is on a regular basis. Increased confidence to take up services.

19 SERVICES FOR CARERS The following services may result from a carer’s assessment: 1. Information. 2. Training. 3. Emotional Support – Carers Groups, Courses, Counselling, Carer Events, Personal Development programmes etc. 4. Practical support – care in the home. 5. Respite – sitting services, residential respite etc. 6. Daycare respite services. 7. Referral for Carers Voucher. Outcome of a Carers Assessment including unmet need is shared with the team manager

20 Cathy Magowan, Carer Support Co-ordinator Community Services Dept, 2 Coleshill Road Enniskillen BT74 7HG Tel: 028 66 344163

21 Carer Development Workers Laura Ritchie Carers Development Worker 2 Coleshill Road Enniskillen BT74 7HG Email: Tel: 028 6634 4000 or 6634 4180

22 Carmel Corrigan Carers Development Worker Shantallow Health Centre Racecourse Road Londonderry BT48 8NL Email: Tel: 028 7135 5023


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