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Steve May A H Allen Limited Asbestos: A Breath of Fresh Air?

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1 Steve May A H Allen Limited Asbestos: A Breath of Fresh Air?

2 Introduction A H Allen Limited Since 1865 Based Sheffield, now Hessle in East Yorks National and international coverage Business – asbestos, health and safety, occupational hygiene, noise, fire, training Asbestos role (whole cycle) Surveys Consultancy, recommendations, policies Training Air testing and inspections Removal and remedial works project management Reinstatement and building improvement

3 What Lies in Store for Building, Maintenance, IT, M & E Workers etc …..

4 Building & Maintenance Work  When planning or organising work likely to disturb the fabric of the building or affect plant, anticipate possible ACMs  Plan the work to avoid disturbing ACMs  Check the Asbestos Register  If in doubt, assume it’s asbestos until it’s checked out (survey, sampling, advice)  Follow information within your asbestos policy and procedures  Control work activities – method statements etc




8 Legislation  Asbestos Prohibitions Regulations  Asbestos Licensing Regulations  Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations (incl. duty to manage)  Hazardous Waste Regulations  Carriage of Dangerous Goods etc Regs

9 Changes Around the Corner…  CAW, ASLIC and Prohibitions Regs into one set of Regulations  Tightening of controls, control limits  Changes to licensing requirements  Counting rules  Accreditation for clearances

10 Then to the Practicalities…..  Plan in any necessary removal or protection work, costs, and time delay  Use an approved consultant and contractor – selection and competence  Ensure staff have had asbestos awareness training Be aware that ACMs can be found unexpectedly or become damaged Report suspect materials or damaged asbestos materials immediately

11 Example Case  Stockport MBC and G & J Seddon  Prohibition Notices September 2005  Refurbishment of council properties  Including replacement of barge boards, damaged AIB soffits  Work stopped until surveys carried out and safe systems set up  Effects: exposure to dust, poor PR, contractual problems, financial losses, inconvenience etc

12 Asbestos Surveys Scope and limitations: Type 2 survey: comprehensive sampling strategy, but no destruction. Survey limitations: non-accessible areas, health or safety risks Type 3 survey: more invasive, pre-demolition or refurbishment. When area is vacated. Survey Report and Register Competence, experience, UKAS-accreditation  Type 3 survey demands additional skills  Unusual examples e.g. asbestos in demolition waste, blocks


14 Amosite in Blocks?

15 Asbestos Remedial Work (Removal, Encapsulation, Protection)  Appoint asbestos project manager  Specification and Scope of Works  Planning and organising: services, hazards, effect on activities in the area  Asbestos removal subject to CDM?  Air testing and clearances  Waste disposal  Reinstatement


17 Example: Installation of New Services and Plant


19 Client and Designer Lessons  Type 2 survey only: not fit for purpose  Failure to flag up in the design information that asbestos risks existed  Contractors exposed to dust  Delay, un-budgetted cost, civil claims

20 It’s not just the large jobs………

21 Next Steps to Consider  Asbestos awareness training is both necessary and beneficial  Reliance on the contractor or maintenance worker to pick up the presence of asbestos containing materials is missing the point  Be aware of survey and surveyor limitations  Consider the activities and processes involved in implementing your work and the effects upon ACMs  The costs involved with failure are often significant

22 How Do You Perceive Health and Safety Risks?

23 Sources of Further Information Conference notes HSE leaflets, guidance and booklets HSE web site: Take advice Your advisers Us! 01482-644632


25 Thank You

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