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2 Overview Who ? Irish Aid is the Government’s programme of overseas development assistance (ODA) to the poorest countries in the world Development Cooperation – one of high level objectives of Ireland’s foreign policy Official development assistance programme since 1974. ODA this year: €696 million or 0.48% of GNP. 2008 ODA: 921 million (0.56) Aim: to fight global poverty. Why ? moral obligation - our self-interest - commitments via membership of - UN, EU Ireland’s commitment to efforts to reach the Millennium Development Goals We received aid from EU.

3 2006 Govt. White Paper on Irish Aid – Overarching objective: poverty reduction, Support human dev., security and justice, build democracy, promote gender equality, promotion and protection of human rights

4 What Irish Aid works in : HIV and AIDS, health, education, agriculture, water, sanitation, environment, road building, human rights and equality, especially for women,and building better government and public services Priorities: HIV and AIDS; Gender: Environment; Governance Irish Aid funds long-term development projects and also emergency humanitarian relief. in 2000 Irish Aid, along with 188 other countries pledged to work towards the United Nations 8 Millennium Development Goals,


6 Irish Aid partners- who we work with? Irish Aid NGOs – eg Concern, Trocaire, Other Donors Multilaterals EU, UN World Bank, IMF, OECD DAC Recipient Countries Civil Society orgs Dev Ed Organisations Missionary Organsiations IMU, IMRS Global Funds


8 FOCUS ON HUNGER Food security crisis Number of hunger increase to over 1 bn UN response Ireland’s response: Hunger Task Force; Emergency food assistance International action -


10 Mozambique HDI Index: 172/182 (2009 UNHD Report) Life expectancy:48 Ireland: 79/80 years GDP per capita: $800 Ireland: $44,000 Ireland: 1 doctor for 250 people Mozambique: 1 doctor for 33,000 people Irish Aid Partner (programme) country since 1996 IA budget 2008: 46.2 million (less in 2009) l

11 Irish Aid’s support to Mozambique 2008 Prog support to government for: Education, teacher training, building schools, school management, girls education, text books etc HIV and AIDS, prevention and education, treatment and care, Clinton Foundation ARV’s Health: Hospitals, equipment, training, medicines, research, Agriculture and agribusiness in cashew nut, citrus and bio-fuels 2 rural provinces, Support to Mozambique government to improve services and fight poverty,

12 Support for Development Education in Ireland DEV ED is part of work of Irish Aid, Dev Ed Unit – within IA Budget – approx 5 million annually Dev Ed. Our work in Education Sector in Ireland Primary and Post-Primary Education; Higher and Further Education;Youth Work; Adult and Community Education

13 Irish Aid’s support for Dev Ed White Paper 2006: Every person in Ireland will have access to educational opportunities to be aware of and understand their rights and responsibilities as global citizens and their potential to effect change for a more just and equal world Development Education Strategic Aim: To ensure that development education reaches a wide audience in Ireland by increasing the provision of high-quality programmes to teachers and others involved in development education and by working with the education sector, NGOs and civil society partners.

14 What we do Promote DE at policy level in Ireland and best practice in development education at European and international levels. Eg: policy submissions etc Contribute to high quality development education in Ireland through support for dev ed practitioners and organisations in. Eg; funding schemes, consultation etc

15 Support integration of dev ed in education in Ireland – through strategic long term partnerships in formal and non-formal: Raise public awareness and understanding of global poverty and inequality and Ireland’s role in tackling these issues

16 DEU’s Work at Second level: Support integration of DE into initial teacher education. Support delivery of DE content into schools by NGOs and Development Education organisations. (resources, courses, conferences, activities) Support for education initiatives e.g. citizenship education, Decade of ESD Sponsor relevant DE award schemes: Young Scientist; Young Social Innovator Commission research Support the development of education resources Policy submissions WorldWise – Irish Aid’s Schools Linking & Immersion Scheme

17 Irish Aid Volunteering and Information Centre High tech information resource and exhibition space on development and aid Education programme for schools, colleges and groups- 6,000 participants to date Information on volunteering - options for personal engagement Dynamic programme of events Over 23,000 visitors since Jan 2008


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