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2 IFC: Part of the World Bank Group
Conciliation and arbitration of investment disputes Guarantees of private sector investment’s non-commercial risks Interest-free loans and grants to governments of poorest countries Loans to middle-income and credit-worthy low-income country governments Solutions in private sector development IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development IDA International Development Association IFC International Finance Corporation MIGA Multilateral Investment and Guarantee Agency ICSID International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes

3 World Bank Group Commitments, FY13
Total Commitments: $52.6 Billion Loans, grants, equity investments, guarantees, and advisory services to support development *Excluding mobilization ($6.5b)

4 A global institution, now owned by 184 member countries
IFC’s History A global institution, now owned by 184 member countries IFC Launch PSD added to the global economic agenda IFC coins term “emerging markets” IFC scales up investments The global leader in private sector development finance s 1980 1956 Today

5 IFC’s Priorities Strategic Focus Areas Long-term client relationships
Frontier markets Climate change and environmental & social sustainability Local financial Long-term client relationships in emerging markets Strategic Focus Areas Constraints to private sector growth in infrastructure, health, education, & the food supply chain

6 IFC: A Valuable Partner
We help clients in good times and bad by offering: A strong financial position, strategy, staff Low leverage ratios, prudent risk management policies A long-term partnership perspective, providing clients important countercyclical financing when commercial banks cut back The expertise and experience needed to make a difference, focusing on innovative transactions where our development impact is the highest

7 What Clients Value About IFC
Long-Term Partner Role WBG Stamp of Approval Financing Not Readily Available Elsewhere Worldwide Presence Broad Range of Products Global/ Local Knowledge of Industries & Markets Ability to Mobilize Additional Funds Perceived Risk Mitigation 2013 IFC Client Survey

8 Integrated Solutions, Increased Impact
Our Three Businesses Integrated Solutions, Increased Impact IFC Asset Management Company Wholly owned subsidiary of IFC Private equity fund manager Invests third-party capital alongside IFC $5.5 b under mgmt (FY13) Investment Services Loans Equity Trade finance Syndications Securitized finance Risk management Blended finance $49.6 b portfolio (FY13) Advisory Services Access to finance Investment Climate Sustainable Business Public-Private Partnerships $232 m (FY13)

9 Investment Services Loans Equity Trade Finance Syndications
Structured Finance Risk Management Blended Finance Project and corporate financing On-lending through intermediary institutions Direct equity investments (up to 20% of company’s equity) Private equity funds Guarantee of trade-related payment obligations of approved financial institutions Capital mobilization to serve developmental needs Over 60 co-financiers: commercial banks, fund, and DFIs Products including credit guarantees, liquidity facilities, portfolio risk transfer, securitizations, and Islamic finance Derivative products to hedge interest rate, currency, or commodity-price exposures of IFC clients Combination of concessional funds with IFC resources to finance initiatives & achieve impact that would otherwise be unattainable

10 Advisory Services Access to Finance Investment Climate
Increases availability and affordability of financial services for individuals and micro, small, and medium enterprises Investment Climate Helps governments implement reforms that improve business environment and retain investments Public-Private Partnerships Helps governments design and implement PPPs in infrastructure and other basic public services (electricity, water, health and education) Sustainable Business Helps clients promote sound environmental, social, governance, and industry standards; catalyze investment in clean energy/resource efficiency; and support sustainable supply chains and community investment

11 IFC Asset Management Company
IFC Capitalization Fund Helps strengthen systemically important banks in emerging markets, bolstering their ability to cope with financial and economic downturns IFC African, Latin American, & Caribbean Fund Co-invests with IFC in equity and equity-related investments across a range of sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and Caribbean Africa Capitalization Fund Invests in systemically important commercial banking institutions in Africa IFC Russian Bank Capitalization Fund Invests in commercial banking institutions in Russia IFC Catalyst Fund Invests in funds that provide growth capital to companies developing innovative ways to address climate change in emerging markets IFC Global Infrastructure Fund Co-invests with IFC and equity-related investments in the infrastructure sector in emerging markets

12 IFC’s Global Reach 109 country and regional offices worldwide, AAA credit rating 4,015 staff (57% are based outside Washington DC) Update Map: take star off of Paris and replace with normal dot, take out name “Paris” DONE

13 FY13 Investment Commitments: $24.8 Billion
22% growth from FY12 to FY13 13

14 Investments by Industry, FY13
Commitments for IFC’s Account: $18.3 Billion

15 Investments by Region, FY13
Commitments for IFC’s Account: $18.3 Billion

16 Advisory Services by Business Line, FY13
Total Program Expenditures: $231.9 Million

17 Advisory Services by Region, FY13
Total Program Expenditures: $231.9 Million

18 IFC’s Selected Agribusiness Investments in Horticulture
San Miguel, S.A. Argentina Loan: $20 million Syndication: $10 million Rehabilitation and expansion of lemon production and processing operations. Restructuring of debt and expansion of export capacity. Committed: 2005 Yantai North Andre China Loan: $15 million Expansion of apple juice concentrate business. Committed: 2005 Favorita Ecuador Loan: $50 million Syndication: $23 million Expansion and vertical integration of banana plantations for export. Committed: 1999, 2003, 2007 Kongoni Kenya Loan: $1.9 million Expansion of existing 10 hectare horticulture and flower production sites. Committed: 2005 Bioparques Mexico Loan: $12 million Construction and expansion of greenhouse-farmed beefsteak tomatoes for export to North America. Committed: 2008 Viru Peru Loan $15 million Expansion of plantations, processing lines for canned asparagus exports. Committed: 2007 Milagro Uruguay Loan: $10 million Expansion of citrus plantations and packing & processing facilities. Committed: 2009 Karsten Farms South Africa Loan: $7.2 million Expansion of farming operations & establishment of fruit trading, logistics and handling services in South Africa. Committed: 2006

19 Select Transactions in the Retail Sector
28.2 Select Transactions in the Retail Sector EMENA EMENA EMENA EMENA EMENA & Asia Azerbaijan US$18 million Loan & Equity Belarus US$70 million Loan & Equity Ukraine US$51 million Loan Belarus US$26 million Loan & Equity Lebanon US$20 million Loan & Equity Bulgaria US$52 million Loan Russian Federation US$171 million Loan Turkey US$30 million Loan Egypt US$15 million Loan China US$7 million Equity Croatia, Poland US$49 million Loan Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina US$51 million Loan Russian Federation US$67 million Loan Egypt US$49 million Loan & Equity India US$15 million Loan & Equity

20 IFC’s Experience in the Chemicals Sector
Examples of IFC’s Experience With Global Partners: Downstream Oil and Gas and Other Sectors Star Petroleum Refining Co. US$ mm 350 Debt Thailand A Loan: US$40M Equity: US$35M USA - Brazil MBAC (Itafos) US$80m India Supply Chain Finance Facility USA A Loan: US$ 30M Risk Management: US$45M USA - Colombia Omimex (Abocol Colombia) Dallas, TX US$70m Risk Sharing Facility Ukraine Pecom (Now Petrobras Argentina) US$ 50 mm Debt Argentina BHP Biliton, Mitsubishi, Industrial Dev. Corp., Gov’t of Mozambique Joint Venture Bayer Ukraine Ltd. EDF La Ventosa US$25m Debt and US$15m Concessional Financing Mexico US$25m Debt Mozambique Shell Petroleum Corporation US$ 135mm Financing Philippines Orascom Veolia Voda S.A. Global Trade Liquidity Program A Loan $200MM, B Loan $125mm Equity $50M Egypt € 50m Share Issue Ukraine and Russia US$4b Global 20

21 International Finance Corporation
David Fulton Head, USA and Canada International Finance Corporation


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