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Cathedral High School Football

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1 Cathedral High School Football
3-3 Stack Against the Pass Rick Streiff Head Coach Adam Barth DC

2 Defensive Line Play Pass Rush Technique:
-No lanes just get penetration Heavy Call – Ends stay outside – keep QB in pocket better runner than thrower Jet call – first threat technique – C gap player

3 Sam/Will Linebacker Pass Read QB off the line: -Drop on #2 depth of 5-7 yds.–cover the Hook first then to Curl no deeper than 10 yards (main responsibility for stopping outside screens) -If there is a full Sprint/Boot to: Sam/Will have contain-go take QB

4 Sam/Will Linebacker -“Outlaw” call– if #2 is too wide or if there is a Trips formation Sam/Will makes an Outlaw call that sends End to Sam/Will’s side into the B gap and widens Sam and Will’s alignment Blitz Rule ILB will make “me” call and will blitz in place of OLB (Snake/Bear) when there is a wide #2 receiver.

5 Mike Linebacker Drop over #3 receiver Low Hole player – cover receivers in the hole at a depth of up to 8-10 yards. Unless S/W blitz then fills their Hook/Curl Spy on QB

6 Snake/Bear Cover 4: Open to #1 and try to get under #1. As OLBs start to drop they must listen for “FLAT” call from the Corner – take a shallow flat path and sprint to smash the #1 receiver on a quick route. (out/hitch) Corner should make other calls like “IN”, “OUT” or “DEEP” to tell the OLB what route to expect from the WR. Continue to Sink or trail #1 until flat is pressured by #2 or 3. If #2 / 3 runs to the flat, widen with him but stay on top of the flat route and break on the ball. Be able to break up on the short route and back on any deep route. -If the flat route converts into a wheel route up the sideline the OLB must run with the wheel.

7 Snake/Bear Cover 2 Cover 2: Align head up to outside shade of #1. OLB, at the snap will keep the butt to the sideline and quickly sink. Read EMOL for run/pass. If they read pass, use “Read Squat” technique which means they outside trail #1 (butt to the sideline) as long as #2 is going vertical or inside. If # 2/3 comes outside the OLB will squat-reroute #1 inside and level out over #2/3 at 10 to 12 yards and stay on top of the flat route and break on the ball. Be able to break up on the short route and back on any deep route. If the flat route of #2/3 converts into a wheel route up the sideline the OLB must run with the wheel.. OLBs still have Contain and CRCB as they did in Cover 4. Play Cover 2 like Cover 4 but from a wide alignment.

8 Blitz Call Blitz Rule :ILB will blitz in place of OLB (Snake/Bear) when there is a wide #2 receiver; “me” call will be made by ILB w/ wide #2

9 Corners Alignment: *Cover 4 -Split #1 and #2 (does not have to be halfway in between) at depth of 7 yards. If Corner has FS help to his side he can align wider. (5 yards inside #1, 7 yds deep; no more than 4-5 yards inside of the hash in a tight #1 alignment)

10 Corners Read: Key QB to backfield action.
-Backpedal and play pass first –stay deeper than the deepest. -Roll coverage with sprint out or boot away 3 Step drop: be ready to break on ball at the interception point (where ball will be, not where man is when ball thrown) 5 Step drop: back pedal until cushion threatened; open and play as deep as the deepest while ranging

11 Corner – Bunch Technique
Tight Wing or Trips Bunch Pass- Outside Vertical on pass v. single Tight End (as in Twins Formation) Pass- #1 Vertical

12 Corners Cover 2 or 4 -Deep half of field – coaching point: after read…
Range, Range, Range-break on QB draw back *Bunch against TE only side set or tight wing– play like FS -- key TE and fit the C gap. Also look to fit inside vs Bunch Triangle formation.

13 Free Safety Alignment –8-10 yards deep over C/G gap to 2/3 receiver side If 2/3 rec. side is to boundary go to wide side (based on game plan) Reads: Key OG to 2/3 rec. side (high hat/low hat for run/pass read)

14 Pass Read Cover 4 – Robber technique vs 2 backs in the backfield
Robber technique vs trips Rob #3 Read OG/uncovered lineman run /pass; if pass: key the route of #2 rec. If #2 goes vertical – F/S takes him If #2 goes to flat – F/S looks to #1 – rob curl/get under post If #2 drags across – follow and cover the drag until LB confronts him; look for something coming back; then sink to low hole

15 Free Safety Cover 2 – One back
Play the High Hole. Sink until pressured to the deep hole –then key the route of # 2 or #3 ; range as deep as both #2 WR’s Cover Bronco 2 back : Robber tech 1 Back (2x2): High Hole







22 Blitz Cover - Bronco BLITZ COVERAGE (4 man/5 man movement-pressure)
Bronco Coverage : LB not blitzing has flat/seam coverage on #2 on his side; ILB not blitzing has low hole; Corners squeeze towards #1; FS coverage depends on backfield

23 Bronco by Position BRONCO vs. tight #2 Corner: align wider towards #1
Free Safety: 2-Back = Robber 1-Back = Range the #2s unless trips – rob #3 Non-blitzing LB: Seam/Flat off #2 Mike: Low Hole/QB spy * Mike Blitz backside LB replaces Mike





28 Man Coverage “Miami” Coverage: Man coverage to be used when ILB’s blitz. Corners will cover #1 Bear/Snake cover #2 FS will be free (still has run responsibility first.) If Twins formation and no #1 wide, Corner will cover TE on bunch side, Snake will have #2 (first back out.) On Twins side, Corner has #1, Bear #2, FS Free; If Trips, FS takes #3 and is no longer free


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