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ENISA Cyber Security Strategies Workshop November 27, 2014 Brussels

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1 ENISA Cyber Security Strategies Workshop November 27, 2014 Brussels
Cyber security policy in Latvia: coordination, strategy, and priorities ENISA Cyber Security Strategies Workshop November 27, 2014 Brussels

2 OUTLINE Coordination Strategy Key areas of action Action Plan
Priorities - LV Presidency

3 COORDINATION Ministry of Defence – national coordinator for
cyber security and cyber defence oversees national CSIRT unit («CERT.LV»); supervises national legislation and law on IT security; chairs National IT Security Council.

4 - National IT Security Council
Established to co-ordinate the planning and implementation of policy, tasks, and measures; Key institution for state and private actors to exchange information, cooperate and coordinate policy making and implementation; Meetings are held every two months.

5 STRATEGY Overarching goal – a secure and reliable cyberspace, which ensures continuous supply of services Outlines priorities for 2014 – 2018 In partnership with other ministries (9) and NGO’s (7) Approved by the Government on January 21 Action plan adopted on July 9

6 - Key areas of Action Governance and organization – national, state owned, critical and human resources Rule of law and cybercrime Crisis management Education and awareness International cooperation

7 - Action Plan Governance and organization:
National cyber security – 9 actions State owned ICT – 8 actions Human resources – 5 actions Critical infrastructure – 5 actions # Strengthen capacity of CERT.LV # Perform national risk assessment # Advance cyber security standards within govt. systems # Develop ICT profession standards

8 - Action Plan 2. Rule of law and cybercrime – 8 actions # Improve legal basis for categorizing the systems, their tasks, responsibilities # Synchronize terminology # Educate law enforcement, forensics structures

9 - Action Plan 3. Crisis management – 15 actions
#Establish Cyber Defence Guard #Perform trainings and exercises to improve coordination among institutions # Create infrastructure for communication in crisis situations

10 - Action Plan 4. Education, research and awareness – 9 actions # Create master programme in Cyber Security Management # Raise users’ awareness – children, schools, general public # Promote innovations and research in academic environment

11 - Action Plan 5. International cooperation – 9 actions
# Support international efforts in enhancing mutual trust and cooperation # Strengthening of regional cooperation with Nordic and Baltic partners # Participate in regional and international exercises

12 PRIORITIES During Latvian Presidency in the Council of the EU, Cyber Security is recognized as a priority on the political level the practical level «global cyber attacks may be directed against Latvia» LT PRES experience

13 Political priorities Digital priority – one of TOP 3 LV PRES priorities – includes: Trust in the digital single market; E – governance; A safe and secure cyberspace emphasis on motivating small and medium enterprises to create a secure digital environment; propose a debate on responsible disclosure.

14 Main platforms & events
Friends of Presidency on Cyber Issues TELECOM WP on NIS Directive Cyber Defence seminar in Germany, March Digital Agenda Assembly in Riga, June; # Workshop with ENISA on Cloud Computing; CERT’s meeting in Riga (1st meeting in Venice). The Hague Conference (16-17 April) EC’s Conference on EU CSS (3 March).

15 Cyber security policy in Latvia: coordination, strategy and priorities
Elīna Neimane, National Cyber Security Policy Coordination Section Ministry of Defence, Latvia

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