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Domesticated Pack Animals: Camels Madeline Cannon WHAP-2 nd Period 9/9/11.

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1 Domesticated Pack Animals: Camels Madeline Cannon WHAP-2 nd Period 9/9/11

2 Camels on Trade Routes In the desert regions of north Africa and Asia two different species of camel become the most important part of trading- the single-humped Arabian camel which was used in North Africa, the Middle East and India and the double-humped Bactrian camel which were used in central Asia and Mongolia. They can produce water, when no water can be found, from the fat stored in their humps. By about 1000 BC caravans of camels were bringing precious goods up the west coast of Arabia, linking India with Egypt, Phoenicia and Mesopotamia.

3 Bactrian Camels Bactrian camels from the classical empires were found east of the Yellow Rivers great bend and western to the deserts of Mongolia and Northwest China. One of the worlds rarest species of mammals. This species is, like other camels, able to survive in harsh, desert climates. Bactrian camels are now critically endangered.

4 Communication on Trade Routes Types and uses of medicine were communicated on trades routes. Entertainment and literature was communicated. The way silk is produced was also communicated. Religion was a major thing communicated on Trade Routes.

5 Exchange on Trade Routes Silk, Gold, Ivory, Exotic plants and animals(like camels), Gems and Jewels, Glass, Iron were exchanged along trade routes. Buddhism was a major exchange found along the Silk Road. The Silk Road is how Buddhism came to China from India.

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