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Inanimate Alice Episode 5: Greenland: >> Greenland>>

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1 Inanimate Alice Episode 5: Greenland: >> Greenland>>

2 My name is Alice. I am 16 years old. >>

3 I am on year 10 camp in Greenland. >>

4 I am on a ski lift in the mountains, far up high. >>

5 My lift stopped and I am alone because I am slow in the snow. >>

6 I have been here a few hours now. >>

7 I am scared. I am cold. I am hungry. >>

8 I hear Brad’s voice in my head saying calm down Alice. I can’t calm down. >>

9 Locating…

10 Unable to find location.

11 My player can’t get any reception in here. >>

12 My camp group has left now. Abandoned me. >>

13 I am wondering what I would be doing if I was with everyone now. I would probably be with my friends in my cabin, laughing at each other's jokes. >>

14 My group is probably laughing at me now. >> She’s the girl who always gets lost!

15 I have achieved nothing in my life. I want to go home. >>

16 My Cabin Bedroom Bathroom >>



19 I am watching snowboarders go down the slope >>

20 Play the game Skip


22 It’s getting late now. I’m going to have a sleep. >>

23 The next morning. >>

24 I wake up the sound of my stomach rumbling. >>

25 I am so hungry. I have eaten all of my food. >>

26 The lift has gotten to the bottom! I am saved! >>

27 I step out of the ski lift. No one is here. Maybe they have given up on me. >>

28 At that moment I hear the sound of kids my age. They didn’t leave me! >>

29 “Alice! Alice!” They do care about me! >>

30 “You must be hungry,” says the teacher. They got me (cold)pizza! >>

31 Later that day. >>

32 We missed you! I’m the centre of attention! >> How are you?

33 What a day. I’m going home tomorrow. What a camp. I miss my family. >>

34 The next day. >>

35 I’m at the airport. “Can I have your passport please?,” asks the customs officer. I start to look through my bag. >>

36 I can’t find my passport. >>

37 It must have fallen out in the lift! I start to panic. >>

38 “Here you go,” says the teacher, giving my passport to the customs officer. “You have to look after your stuff, Alice,” She says. >>

39 “I took it when you got out of the lift” “I saw it on the floor.” >>

40 I am so embarrassed. >>

41 At home. >>

42 “Hello Alice!” “Hello mum!” “How have you been?” >>

43 “I’ve been fine. It was pretty uneventful.” >>

44 Written and produced by Jacob Franklin, from an original idea by Jacob Franklin. Brad illustrations by Jacob Franklin. A JacobField Company production. © 2009 The JacobField Company Ltd. I heard a voice in my head saying go that way...

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