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Roman Republic to Roman Empire

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1 Roman Republic to Roman Empire
Geography of Italy Roman Republic Roman Empire Cause and Effect Charting

2 Physical Map Observations? Conclusions? Effects on Civilization?


4 Roman Republic 509 BCE– 47 CE Roman Conquest of Italy Roman State
Roman Conquest of the Mediterranean BCE Decline and Fall of the Republic BCE

5 Growth of the Roman Republic
City of Rome Expands 340 BCE Rome Crushes Latin States 264 BCE Rome Conquers Greek and Etruscan Cities Roman Confederation Roman Citizens Roman Allies Military Service Autonomy Advantages Roman Roads Military Strategies and Service Diplomacy Hellenistic Culture

6 (300 men for life pass laws)
Roman Republic Governing Officials Governing Organizations Consuls Praetors Tribunes of Plebs Magistrates Senate (300 men for life pass laws) Council of the Plebs (287 BCE Pass Laws) Laws Army Centuriate Assembly Governing Officials Rome’s Social Classes Patricians Wealthy, great land owners (Latifundia), Consuls, magistrates, senators Plebians Large landowners, small farmers, artisans, merchants Citizens and voters but not officials until 300 BCE Struggle of the Orders

7 Decline and Collapse of the Republic
Growth of Latifundia Gracchus Brothers Land Reforms Assassination 133 BCE General Marius’ Army Service for Land Loyalty to the General Triumvirate 60 BCE Crassus (Syria) Pompey (Spain) Julius Caesar (Gaul) Caesar Dictator for Life at 47 BCE Land to the poor 365 Day calendar Assassinated in 44 BCE Octavian and Antony

8 Roman Empire Age of Augustus 31 BCE – 14 CE Early Empire 14-180
Five Good Emperors Frontiers and Provinces Prosperity in the Early Empire Crisis in the Late Empire Late Roman Empire

9 Early Roman Empire 27 BCE Emperor and Senate Emperor In Charge!!
Age of Augustus BCE Five Good Emperors 14 BCE – 180 CE 27 BCE Emperor and Senate Standing Army 150,000 Pretorian Guard 9,000 (Immortals?) Emperor’s Provinces Senate’s Governors Provinces Emperor In Charge!! Emperor abuse 10-96 Pax Romana Peace Tolerance Diplomacy Education Welfare Public Building 3.5 millions square miles 50 million people Greco-Roman Civ

10 Crisis and the Late Roman Empire
Crisis in Rome Late Roman Empire Civil War Military Strongmen Invasion by Persia and Germanic Tribes Plague Decline in trade and farming Diocletian & Constantine Enlarge the Military Reorganize Bureaucracy Strict Government regulation Moved to the capital to Constantinople (Istanbul) Adopt Christianity

11 Cause and Effect Charting
Make a T-Chart Cause and Effect using your notes for Republic to Empire

12 City of Rome defeats the Etruscans
Cause Effect City of Rome defeats the Etruscans Republic grows and the Struggle of the Orders for equality Plebs and Pats Generals recruit the poor and loyal soldiers Octavian reorganizes the balance of power with the senate and emperor Emperors abuse their power Pax Romana Roman Republic is organized and conquers Italy with military and roads Equality legally and aristocratic families gain all the senatorial power causing divide between rich and poor Triumvirate and Dictator gain power over an expansive Roman Empire Emperors abuse their power Pax Romana through 5 good emperors and stabilization of the territory Roman Empire Trade prospers, agriculture dominates the empire, slavery exists, urbanization, Silk Road connects Rome to the Han Empire

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