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Bubonic Plague.

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1 Bubonic Plague

2 Bubonic Plague Mid 1300’s western Eurasia was hit hard by the bubonic plague Victims would experience chills, fever, convulsions and vomiting Victims would also experience dark spots on their skin & swollen glands Victims of the plague would die in just a few days Known as “Black Death”

3 Bubonic Plague Map



6 Impact of the Plague All religions were affected by the plague
Christians saw the plague as punishment for sin Muslims saw this as testing their faith in God Plague killed million people by 1400 Trade declined Workers were scarce & could demand higher pay Weakened feudalism Jews were blamed for causing the plague

7 Hundred Year’s War England & France fought with each other (1337-1453)
Known as Hundred Years’ War William “Duke of Normandy” claimed to be the rightful king of England He captured England in 1066 and tied nobility of France with England Tension grew on who had the right to rule England

8 Hundred Years’ War England claimed territory in southwest France
Fighting in Scotland & debate over the English Channel English King Edward III claimed that he was the rightful king of France Attacked France in 1337 England got early victories British attacked Orleans in France in 1428

9 Hundred Years’ War French peasant girl (Joan of Arc) led the French to defeat the English Catholic and believed that religious visions were urging her to fight the English King Charles of France knighted her 1429 Later would be captured by the British and would be burned at the stake (19 years old) Seen as a hero of France

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