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Oral Health Education Ms Nomhle Plank Oral Health Sub-directorate.

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1 Oral Health Education Ms Nomhle Plank Oral Health Sub-directorate

2 LEARNING OUTCOME On completion of this theme, participants will be able to: Offer Oral Health Education to clients Refer clients with oral health diseases to Oral Health facilities

3 INTRODUCTION The functions of teeth are: 1. Chewing 2. Swallowing 3. Speaking 4. Facial expression 5. Showing one’s emotions

4 INTRODUCTION Untreated tooth decay leads to: –Infection –Toothache Preventative Dentistry: –Preventing pain, infection, bad breath, bleeding gums –The need to have one’s teeth extracted

5 WHAT WE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE TEETH AND GUMS Activity One- Tooth Structure –Can you name the three parts of the tooth –Describe the three parts of the tooth –Name four types of teeth –Describe the support system of the tooth

6 PLAGUE Activity Two: Can plague easily be seen on the teeth? How can one stop plague from forming? Is plague hard or soft? What harm does plague do?


8 CALCULUS Calculus is a hard calcified mass that can only be removed by: –an hygienist, –dentist or –dental therapist With special scaling instruments



11 NURSING TOOTH DECAY CAUSES: –Plague –Diet –Time –Feeding Pattern –Oral Hygiene

12 NURSING TOOTH DECAY Symptoms Prevention Importance of primary (milk) teeth

13 GUM DISEASE (GINGIVITIS AND PERIODONTITIS) Signs and symptoms Advise to be given to the patient Gingivitis Peridontitis

14 COMMON DENTAL PROBLEMS Mouth ulcers Vitamin deficiencies Problems caused by smoking and tobacco chewing Misuse of medicine


16 Choosing the right brush

17 PREVENTION OF ORAL DISEASES (2) Dental floss / other interdental aids Interdental Brushes

18 PREVENTION OF ORAL DISEASES (3) Caring for dentures Diet

19 PREVENTION OF ORAL DISEASES (4) Fluoride Fissure sealant Sealants

20 PREVENTION OF ORAL DISEASES (5) The dental team –Dentist –Oral hygienists –Dental therapist –Dental assistant –Dental technician

21 PREVENTION OF ORAL DISEASES (6) Preventative measures against injuries Mouth Guard

22 TYPES OF DENTAL TREATMENT Examination Fillings Scaling and polishing Extractions Dentures Fillings

23 TYPES OF DENTAL TREATMENT Fluoride treatments Fissure sealing Orthodontics

24 THE ORAL HEALTH SERVICES IN THE FREE STATE For more information about oral health in your district contact: –Dr. Reddy 051 447 2777 Xhariep –Dr. Makenete 051 447 2194 Motheo –Dr. vdMerwe 057 352 1453 Lejweleputswa –Dr. De Velliers 058 303 4751 T/Mofutsanyana –Dr. Kriel 056 213 2118 DC 20

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