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Section 5: Decline & Fall

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1 Section 5: Decline & Fall

2 Targets Explain why the Roman Empire gained a new lease on life under Diocletian and Constantine. Analyze how ferocious warriors from Asia and Germany finally brought an end to the Roman Empire.


4 I. The Decline 180 A.D. a period of conflict & confusion

5 Political Upheavals From 235 to 284, 22 emperors occupied the Roman throne 20 of these emperors met violent death Series of invasions

6 Economic & Military Problems
Invasions, civil wars & plague caused an economic collapse of the Roman Empire Decline in trade & small industry labor shortage

7 Economic & Military Problems
Plague (epidemic disease) affected both military & economy Farm production declined Financial strains made it difficult to pay soldiers

8 II. The Reforms of Diocletian & Constantine
End of 3rd century & beginning of 4th two emperors helped the Empire New governmental structure, rigid economic & social system & new state religion, Christianity

9 The Reforms of Diocletian & Constantine
Diocletian divided the empire into four units Both rulers strengthened & enlarged the administrative bureaucracies

10 The Reforms of Diocletian & Constantine
Political & military reforms greatly enlarged the army & civil service inflation - a rapid increase in prices

11 The Reforms of Diocletian & Constantine
Constantine constructed a new capital city in the east, the Greek city of Byzantium renamed it Constantinople Called it his “New Rome” built large palaces & forum


13 The Reforms of Diocletian & Constantine
Temporally successful, such policies in the long run stifled the very vitality the Late Empire needed to revive its sagging fortunes

14 III. The Fall Capital of the Western Roman Empire remained Rome Constantinople remained the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire Pressure from invading Germanic tribes

15 Maps and Charts 4

16 The Fall The Germanic Visigoths, crossed the Danube River 378 Visigoths defeated the Romans in 410, the Visigoths sacked Rome Vandals poured into Spain


18 Maps and Charts 4

19 The Fall 455 the Vandals, sacked Rome 476 the western emperor was disposed The Eastern Empire or Byzantine Empire continued to thrive

20 IV. Why did Rome Fall Christianity’s spiritual kingdom weakened Roman military virtues Traditional Roman values declined, as non-Italians gained prominence

21 Why did Rome Fall Lead poisoning in leaden water pipes caused mental decline Plague wiped out 1/10 of the population Failed to advance technology because of slavery

22 Why did Rome Fall Unable to put together a workable political system


24 Analyzing Maps and Charts

25 Augustus Marcus Aurelius almost a hundred years

26 the Western Empire the Eastern Empire Byzantium Illyricum

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