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1 Bryan Lyttle Planning and Transportation Policy Manager Localism One Year On.

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1 1 Bryan Lyttle Planning and Transportation Policy Manager Localism One Year On

2 Localism the aim  To reform the planning system to give local people new opportunities to shape the development of the communities in which they live. Part A - Reform of the Planning System Part B – new opportunities to shape development

3 Reform of the Planning System Key Principles of NPPF  Pro-Growth and positive  Planning System: positive, creative, solution-focused  Basic principles retained (including key protections) AONB  Achieving sustainable development Economic, social, environmental  Delivering 5 positive improvements (para 9)  12 Core Planning Principles (para 17)  Emphasis on pre-application discussions  Glossary important for interpretation.

4 New National Model Policy  Planning applications that accord with the policies in the development plan for West Berkshire will be approved without delay, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.  When considering development proposals the Council will take a positive approach that reflects the presumption in favour of sustainable development contained in the National Planning Policy Framework. It will always work proactively with applicants jointly to find solutions which mean that proposals can be approved wherever possible, and to secure development that improves the economic, social and environmental conditions in the area.  Where there are no policies relevant to the application or relevant policies are out of date at the time of making the decision then the Council will grant permission unless material considerations indicate otherwise – taking into account whether: Any adverse impacts of granting permission would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits, when assessed against the policies in the National Planning Policy Framework taken as a whole; or Specific policies in that Framework indicate that development should be restricted. Please note BOLD is my emphasis

5 5 Local Opportunities to Shape Development This means that local people can have a greater role in shaping development which happens in their area. a) Neighbourhood Development Plan b) Neighbourhood Development Orders c) Community Right to Build Orders

6 6 Neighbourhood Development Plans - What can they do? These are planning documents which are specific to local level planning which aim to help shape future development. A Neighbourhood Development Plan will set out policies on the development and use of land in a parish and once adopted, it will become a formal part of the planning policy for your area alongside any new district wide development plan. This means neighbourhood plans are evidence based and subject to independent examination.

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8 8 What can’t they do?  Conflict with EU obligations or any Convention rights (Human Rights Act 1998)  Contradict existing national policies  Contradict local strategic policies (Local Plan/Core Strategy)  Change or override an existing permission (but can influence plans for allocated sites)  Prevent strategic sites from being developed  Can’t be adopted unless the majority of voters on the day support the proposals.


10 10 Who do I contact at the Council for advice? Bryan Lyttle Planning and Transport Policy Manager 01635 519638 Gary Rayner Development Manager

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