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Diocese of Broken Bay Synod Parish Pastoral Council Meetings February 2011 © M. Leahy Integroe Partners.

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1 Diocese of Broken Bay Synod Parish Pastoral Council Meetings February 2011 © M. Leahy Integroe Partners

2 Purpose of this Evening Participate in the Pre Synod consultation process to lay the foundations for the future direction of the diocese by: reflecting on and celebrating our strengths and accomplishments as a parish identifying the opportunities and challenges we face into the future establishing a process for the identification of parish representatives to attend the Regional Synod Gathering. © M. Leahy Integroe Partners

3 Bishop David’s DVD Synod motto - “Go Make Disciples”. Synod Logo Celebrate the past… Engage with the present… Vision the future… © M. Leahy Integroe Partners

4 Synod Stages  Pre Synod Consultation and Dialogue- 2010/2011 Curia staff (Nov 2010) Clergy (Feb 2011 ) Parishes (Feb/ Mar 2011)  Synod Session One (June 2011)  Consultation between Synod Session One and Two (July 2011-May 2012)  Synod Session Two (June 2012) © M. Leahy Integroe Partners

5 Our first task tonight Reflect on and celebrate our achievements- past and present. Identify the opportunities and challenges facing our parish into the future. © M. Leahy Integroe Partners

6 Some questions- PAST/ PRESENT What are our strengths as a Parish? What significant achievements can we celebrate? What has contributed to our success? © M. Leahy Integroe Partners

7 What can we celebrate as a Parish? (successes, achievements) What has contributed to our successes & achievements? Record in groups © M. Leahy Integroe Partners

8 STRENGTHS CHALLENGES OPPORTUNITIES Past and Present © M. Leahy Integroe Partners

9 –To what extent do these contributing factors define who we are as a Parish? What makes us unique? –What themes are emerging? © M. Leahy Integroe Partners

10 Visioning the FUTURE What opportunities exist for our parish into the future? What challenges do we face? © M. Leahy Integroe Partners

11 OpportunitiesChallenges Record in groups © M. Leahy Integroe Partners

12 STRENGTHS CHALLENGES OPPORTUNITIES Visioning the Future © M. Leahy Integroe Partners

13 Regional Representatives What is the Regional Synod Gathering? –The Synod Gathering is a coming together of the faithful for the good of the entire community. Those that gather bring their individual giftedness for the service of all. © M. Leahy Integroe Partners

14 Regional GatheringsSynod Session 1 When: May 3,4,5 – 2011 Where: Peninsular, Central Coat, Nth Shore Purpose: - synthesise results of the major parish consultations - identify the issues that are most significant for that region - select through a facilitated process of discernment, two representatives to attend the Diocesan Synod Session 1 & 2 in June 2011 and 2012 Who: -6-8 parish reps - Individuals with a sense of community and service. - represent the diversity of parish –ages, family situations, variety of interests, represent our Catholic school communities identify as Catholic, but may not regularly attend Sunday worship. When: June 3,4 - 2011 Where: One diocesan gathering Purpose: - culmination of the many group consultations - synthesis the data obtained through the Parish Surveys, Clergy meetings, Diocesan Staff Day and Parish Pastoral Council meetings to determine the areas of opportunity for the future of the diocese. Who: - members of the clergy, religious orders, diocesan staff and two representatives from each parish - leaders from other Christian Churches present in our Diocese will be invited to attend.

15 Discussion Who? –Representatives of our diverse parish community –Appropriate skills How? –How will we go about identifying our representatives? By When? –31 March 2011 © M. Leahy Integroe Partners

16 How? Options? –Self nomination –Expressions of Interest –“Tap on the shoulder” –Other © M. Leahy Integroe Partners

17 Mission Statement We the Catholic Church of Broken Bay are, through Baptism, a community of disciples of Jesus. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are committed to work together to extend the Kingdom of God. We will: Proclaim - Proclaim the Good News of Jesus in our words and actions Respond personally - Respond personally to God's unique love for each of us Love each other - Live with each other in the love of Jesus Celebrate - Celebrate and share our Catholic faith and life experience Educate - Educate our people in our Catholic story and beliefs and their implications for our lives Serve - Serve each other, the community and all creation in justice and love Seek Unity - Seek unity with our fellow Christians and meaningful dialogue with people of all faiths

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