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Gravimetric Analysis for Phosphorus

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1 Gravimetric Analysis for Phosphorus
Due Today: 1. Gravimetric Analysis of Phosphorus Pre-Lab 2. Redox Titration Short Report Homework: 1. Gravimetric Analysis of Phosphorus Formal Lab Report 2. Acid-Base Titration Pre-Lab Gravimetric Analysis for Phosphorus

2 Objective Determine the phosphorus content of commercial fertilizer
Compare to reported value

3 Key Terms Quality Control Experiment – verify label
Phosphorus Gravimetric Analysis – set of analytical methods to quantitatively determine an analyte based on the mass of a solid Dissolve Precipitate Filter

4 Procedure Notes Skip Step 4
Step 14&15 – masses should be within 0.010g Collect Data from 2 additional groups

5 Waste Filtrate → sink Filter Paper → trashcan
Acetone Filtrate → acetone waste container Product → waste container in hood

6 Risk assessment Ammonium Hydroxide Danger Corrosive Inhalation Hazard

7 Risk assessment Acetone Danger Flammable Skin Irritant

8 calculations Mass % of P in MgNH4PO4: Mass of P in Precipitate:

9 Calculations Use stoichiometry to convert from grams of P to grams of P2O5 Mass % P2O5 :

10 calculations Percent Difference :

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