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2011 NetIS Presentation The Complete ePublishing Platform Designed for the 21 st Century.

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1 2011 NetIS Presentation The Complete ePublishing Platform Designed for the 21 st Century

2 Turn Digits into Revenues Convergence of five technologies: Digital Rights Management (DRM) Web Content Management (WCM) E-commerce Tools Search and Navigation SEO Enhancer

3 Content management SecurityeComDistributionMonitoring Upload Content Manage Content Collaboration Versioning Full Text Search User Groups / Individuals Login / Password IP Addresses / IP range(s) Identify Computer (single sign on) Control Concurrent Usage AuthenticationDRM Permissions Advanced Access Control Dynamic Watermark Record Usage Customers Market Management Permissions Product Catalog Online Store My eShop Web Applications Templates Browser eBooks Mobiles & Tablets CD / DVD RSS Channels SEO Enhancer Event Log Purchases Dashboard Reports Sales Statistics 12345 6 Unified API NetIS & Its Modules

4 Automatic batch uploading of documents into the system Add metadata to documents Manage content versions (history) Full text search 1 Content Management

5 Result list view The result list view shows the deadline for comments of specific documents. Documents that are not open for comments are excluded from the search results for unauthorized users. 1 Content Management: Collaboration

6 1 Allows for easy tracking and collaboration between users of an html text for comments repository. Content Management: Collaboration

7 Apply DRM profiles and your business rules to documents Access control include expiration, concurrent-usage limitations, copying, saving and printing restrictions Integrate seamlessly with your firewall, workflows and web based application 2 Security: Digital Rights Management

8 Print Save Screen Capture Print Screen Copy and Paste Email Full control over users activity Prevent or Allow: 2 Granular DRMAbsolute flexibility Security: Digital Rights Management

9 9 2 Post High Res Pixs on the Net and dont worry about: Right Click Download Copy Send to…

10 Restricted Access Limited Preview time Usage Counters Cumulative Volume Cumulative Time Read-only Format Offline Protection 2 Security: Digital Rights Management: Advanced Access Control Real time, Customized Watermarking

11 User name/Password IP range(s) and Networks Concurrent Users Software PC Lock Non-Authenticated Guests (with limited secured rights) Frequent Re-Authentication 2 Security: User Authentication

12 Preview Time and Teasers Flexible Products in eShop – Time based (Cumulative) Volume based (Cumulative) Counter based (Times) Usage based Context based External Billing Support Instant Granting of rights Real Time Monitoring and Auditing of Usage Real Time Anti-Theft Monitoring 3 eCom My eShop

13 Add & modify users accounts Grant or deny access to documents View reports on users activities Search users database Apply DRM to content (single documents or a group of documents) 3 Initiate & operate sales, promotions and award programs eCom: Marketing Management

14 4 Build your own application within minutes! Distribution: Built-in Application Wizard 1. Define indexing rules 2. Select template 3. Choose the skin 4. Select the appropriate search fields 5. Assign Watermark Policy 6. Select UI languages & eCom settings 7. Summary & Generate And thats it!

15 15 4 Distribution: Publish Browser eBooks

16 4 Distribution: Tablets, Mobiles, etc…

17 4 First out of 112,000,000.00 results! Distribution: SEO Enhancer Thats not bad, right, Ms. Seo? …that works with DRM!

18 18 Product/Customer Slicing Sales Statistics And more… Royalties Management 5 Online up-to-date Audit Information Dashboard Concurrent Usage Monitoring Customer Activities Monitoring: Auditing & Reporting

19 6 API that is… Easy Manageable Seamless API Integration

20 NetIS The only platform that seamlessly integrates all the essential modules and features for the secure distribution of premium and sensitive content! Turn Digits into Revenue In Conclusion

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