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2008 Mid-States Highway–Rail Grade Crossing Safety Conference May 20, 2008 David Peterson.

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1 2008 Mid-States Highway–Rail Grade Crossing Safety Conference May 20, 2008 David Peterson

2 2 Jan. 2, 2008 FHWA issued Notice of Proposed Amendments to the MUTCD

3 3 Proposed modifications to MUTCD Comment period on NPA Key Impacts Hwy-RR Crossings –Private Crossings –Traffic Signal Warrant –Yield Signs at Crossbuck Crossings –Supplemental Plaque for AWS –Gate stripes –Quiet Zone –Pathway Crossings –Audible Bell on LRT crossings

4 4 NPA Published in the Federal Register on January 2, 2008 Deadline for comments to docket is July 31, 2008 View all documents on MUTCD website at Submit any comments to docket electronically at

5 5 How does this NPA relate to the 12/21/07 Final Rule on Maintaining Sign Retroreflectivity? Sign Retroreflectivity Rule modifies existing 2003 MUTCD as Revision 2 of that edition Effective date of Rev. 2 is 1/22/08 NPA does not show the Rev. 2 changes, but… When final rule for 2009 MUTCD is published, it will incorporate the Sign Retroreflectivity material already in effect.

6 6 Revisions to the Introduction

7 7 MUTCD application on private property that is “open to public travel”, except this does not apply to railroad crossings.

8 8 Compliance Dates New dates for new provisions Dates made specific for provisions associated with 2003 MUTCD Dates deleted that will have been reached by early 2009

9 9 Revisions to Part 4 – Highway Traffic Signals

10 10 Warrant 9 Added for Intersections Near Grade Crossings

11 11 Revisions to Part 5 – Traffic Control Devices for Low- Volume Roads

12 12 Grade Crossings to Reflect Changes in Part 8 or

13 13 Revisions to Both Part 8 and Part 10 – Traffic Controls for Highway-Rail and Highway-LRT Grade Crossings

14 14 STOP or YIELD signs shall be posted at all passive grade crossings

15 15 Red lettering allowed on Crossbuck signs

16 16 Supplemental plaques describing the type of control shall be used with advance warning signs

17 17 Substantial revisions to the Emergency Notification sign provisions

18 18 LOOK signs may be mounted on a separate sign post

19 19 Stop Lines shall be used on paved roadways at crossings controlled by active devices. Yield Lines required at Crossbucks w/Yield Signs

20 20 Stripes on gate arms shall be vertical

21 21 Back-up power should be provided for signals with railroad preemption

22 22 Grade crossings within or in close proximity to roundabouts, traffic circles, or circular intersections Engineering study required to evaluate potential queuing issues If queues impact crossing, provisions shall be made to clear highway traffic from the crossing before train arrivals

23 23 Quiet Zone Treatments Reference to Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR Part 222) -- quiet zones established in conjunction with restrictions on train horns at certain highway-rail grade crossings TCDs used as part of a quiet zone shall comply with MUTCD

24 24 New Chapter on pathway-rail grade crossings

25 25 Revisions to Part 10 only– Traffic Controls for Highway-LRT Grade Crossings

26 26 Revised symbol on W10-7 Light Rail Transit Approaching activated blank-out sign W10-7 I-12

27 27 If Light Rail Transit signals are used, they shall be as shown in Figure 10D-1

28 28 Use of audible devices at LRT crossings used by pedestrians changed from option to requirement

29 29 LOOK sign and/or pedestrian gates should be considered to provide sufficient notice of approaching LRT vehicle

30 Questions?

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