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Copyright ©2001-2004 SkyeyTech, Inc. BUGtrack Email Interface.

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1 Copyright ©2001-2004 SkyeyTech, Inc. BUGtrack Email Interface

2 Copyright ©2001-2004 SkyeyTech, Inc. Email Interface Introduction If you already familiar with the BUGtrack web-based issue-tracking interface, this presentation will introduce Email Interface – a powerful alternative to the main interface.  Email interface converts BUGtrack to a powerful email tracking system which may completely change the way you are handling email correspondence.  The system will load all emails from the selected mailboxes to your BUGtrack database and convert them into trackable issues belonging to specified projects, assigned to specified person and with specified set of properties.  Not only your old email correspondence will never be lost, but the BUGtrack will organize it as a searchable and trackable database, giving you an unlimited storage space.  Ability to track multiple mailboxes allows BUGtrack to handle different types of email correspondence: from development issues to customer support requests.

3 Copyright ©2001-2004 SkyeyTech, Inc. HTML compatible  Ability to accept the original email HTML graphic format makes Email Interface really effective and spectacular.  BUGtrack loads incoming HTML emails preserving original formatting and hyperlinks.  Email attachment will be automatically uploaded to BUGtrack and integrated with the record.

4 Copyright ©2001-2004 SkyeyTech, Inc. E-mail interface in a glance  Email Interface allows creating and updating BUGtrack records by sending regular emails.  The system identifies existing records by the unique record number embedded into email subject or just creates a new one if there is no record number in the subject or if there is no record with this number exists in BUGtrack.  BUGtrack system is keeping entire discussion thread together in one place, preserving original formatting, graphics and fonts.  This feature may be very useful to communicate with external team members or customers without even giving them access to BUGtrack.  For example, Email interface may be used by a customer support team for tracking customers’ requests.  Email Interface may be also used for beta-testing, similar to Custom form for Beta-testing.

5 Copyright ©2001-2004 SkyeyTech, Inc. E-Mail interface setup is easy. Open "Configure e-mail interface" wizard from the "Admin" page and click “Add Entry”

6 Copyright ©2001-2004 SkyeyTech, Inc. Select the project Select the project and click “Next”

7 Copyright ©2001-2004 SkyeyTech, Inc. Setting fields Preset fields: "Area", "Open by", "Assign to", "Priority“, Version ("Fixfor")

8 Copyright ©2001-2004 SkyeyTech, Inc. Finalize the wizard Enter a name for this particular e-mail link

9 Copyright ©2001-2004 SkyeyTech, Inc. Email server information Fill your email server information the same way as you configure your email application (MS Outlook, for example). Enter your POP3 server name, for example: Enter your login name and password for this email account. Check "Leave a copy of messages on server" if you would like to keep them for further manual retrieval. Uncheck this box if your mailbox size is limited, so it won't accumulate messages.

10 Copyright ©2001-2004 SkyeyTech, Inc. Multiple email links. We just created a new email link. This link was created for a particular mailbox. All emails form this mailbox will be converted to issues:  opened by a specified person,  assigned to a specified person,  belonging to a specified project, with specified:  "Area",  "Open by",  "Assign to",  “Priority“,  Version ("FixFor"). Multiple email links may be created to accommodate all your email tracking needs.

11 Copyright ©2001-2004 SkyeyTech, Inc. Email client settings There are few minor changes needed for your email client software (such as MS Outlook or OE). It is important to check "Leave a copy of messages on server" at least for 1 day on you email application ("Accounts->Properties->Advanced"). This will ensure that your email client application (MS Outlook, for example) won't compete with BUGtrack on who gets the message first. BUGtrack is checking for new emails every couple of minutes.

12 Copyright ©2001-2004 SkyeyTech, Inc. POP3 email accounts You may use any POP3 email account. This may be a special email account that you create on your company's mail server or you may just register POP3 e-mail account with third-party providers, such as Yahoo, for example. This mailbox will work like a buffer. If that mailbox address is included into CC: or BCC: field and email subject contains issue number following the pound sign “#”, BUGtrack will add all the email discussion to the discussion thread of this particular issue.

13 Copyright ©2001-2004 SkyeyTech, Inc. Tracking corporate mailboxes Email interface may be also extremely useful in tacking role-based company’s mailboxes, such as: “support@yourdomain...” “sales@yourdomain...” “info@yourdomain...” “jobs@yourdomain...” You just need to run email interface wizard for each of those mailboxes, and BUGtrack will start work for you like never before.

14 Copyright ©2001-2004 SkyeyTech, Inc. Typical scenario One of the typical applications is customer support tracking. Once a new customer question or request is received, BUGtrack will automatically load this issue into the specified project. A new and unique issue number will be assigned to it. BUGtrack sends automatic notification to the customer support representative that a new issue has been opened under a specified number. When your customer support representative replies to this issue, he/she includes this number following a pound sign “#” in the subject line. Corporate support mailbox address needs to be included in CC: or BCC: The issue will be automatically updated in the discussion thread. When the customer replies, BUGtrack will keep updating discussion thread. If a customer service representative is not able to resolve the issue, he/she may reassign it to another person the same way as a regular bug or issue. Finally, this support issue may be resolved and closed. All the issues, including closed ones remain to be searchable. It helps to streamline customer support by searching for the previous answer to a similar question. The system will also allow to generate reports.

15 Copyright ©2001-2004 SkyeyTech, Inc. Email interface is a powerful alternative to the main interface. Put BUGtrack Email interface to work for you and let it organize your customer support or corporate email correspondence like never before! You are just a few minutes away from starting using BUGtrack Email interface. If you are already using Professional Edition it will take just a couple of minutes to run Email interface wizard from the Admin page. If you are currently using the Standard Edition, contact us at to upgrade your Turn On email Interface now to unleash the power of BUGtrack!

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