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Facts, Figures, & Statistics

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1 Facts, Figures, & Statistics
Prostitution Facts, Figures, & Statistics

2 Prostitution Statistics are not necessarily 100% accurate due to the fact that this is such an “underground” operation Prostitution is illegal in 49 states in the U.S. Nevada is the only state with any legalized prostitution. Studies report that over 80% of prostitutes want to get out of the profession.

3 Prostitution # of prostitutes in the world: 40 million # of countries with legalized: 22 # of states in US where legal: 1 (Nevada) How many times a year a Prostitute is beaten: on average, 12 times a year How many times per year does a prostitute have unprotected sex? 300 times per year What % of prostitutes in the world have HIV? 50% What % of men in world have purchased a prostitute? 10%

4 Prostitution What is the murder rate for an American prostitute?
204 for every 100,000 20 times the national average

5 % of prostitutes abused as children:
Prostitution % of prostitutes abused as children: Between 75-90% Amount of revenue produced by sex trafficking yearly: 58 billion dollars

6 Prostitution 58% 20% 26% 40% 92% Average age female 14 years old
% who reported assaults % with STDs % of homeless prostitutes in NY % who were child prostitutes % of prostitutes who want to Leave the business but can’t Due to lack of $ or food 58% 20% 26% 40% 92%

7 Prostitution With a higher instance of physical violence perpetrated against them, female prostitutes are more likely to get murdered. About 26% of NYC prostitutes were homeless & addicted to illicit drugs. They must prostitute themselves in order to pay for hard drugs like crack, cocaine, & heroin. 90% have had to give away at least 1 child to CPS. Most prostitutes get their start because they run away from abusive homes and have no other choices.



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