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Catcher In The Rye Chapters 11-14.

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1 Catcher In The Rye Chapters 11-14

2 Chapter 11 Memories of Jane Ernie the piano player
Impression these memories give of Holden? Jane – shows his caring side Inexperience with girls Links with theme of innocence

3 Chapter 12 Cab driver – Horwitz – conversation about ducks
Do you think you know what this is symbolizing yet? Think about themes we discussed In Ernie’s – Lillian Simmons How does Holden behave at this time? What does Lillian do that winds him up?

4 Chapter 13 Walks back to hotel – What is Holden thinking about?
What kind of mood is he in / how is he feeling? Depressed Why? Maurice (the elevator man) asks if Holden wants a prostitute for $5 What are Holden’s feelings about having agreed to this?

5 Chapter 13 How does he behave before she arrives? Pacing
changing shirt What does he do answering the door? Falls over the suitcase What does this tell us? Preoccupied

6 Chapter 13 Sunny takes her dress off How does Holden respond?
Embarrassed Nervous Uncomfortable Asks to just talk Lies Calls off the deal, but offers to pay anyway Sunny charges $10 – Holden refuses to give more

7 Chapter 14 Holden thinks about Allie, goes to bed, thinks about Jesus and the Bible Maurice and Sunny return Maurice starts to rough up Holden to get the extra $5 How does Holden respond / feel? Responds by refusing Out of his depth Boy in a man’s world What is the result of this? Maurice steals the money and punches Holden How is Holden left feeling?

8 Characterisation - Holden
Think about the position Holden is in at this point in the book Everyone he has met, tried to engage with has left him feeling lower and lower Find a quote that sums up Holden’s feelings at this time ‘What I really felt like, though, was committing suicide. I felt like jumping out the window.’

9 Characterisation - Holden
What is his reasoning for not going through with this? (pg 94) ‘I didn’t want a bunch of rubbernecks looking at me when I was all gory.’ What does this tell us about Holden? Concerned about others opinion of him

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