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SEXUAL DEVIANCE AND DEVIANTS Sexuality…is not a solely personal matter. In part it is defined within the acceptable cultural/gender-role identity/social.

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2 SEXUAL DEVIANCE AND DEVIANTS Sexuality…is not a solely personal matter. In part it is defined within the acceptable cultural/gender-role identity/social scripts of our respective socieities

3 Sexual Scripts Learn appropriate sexual behavior from those we are sexually intimate with Typically, people engage in Homogamous relationships Homogamy refers to the selection of partners based on similar economical/social/race and ethnic characteristics[in this instance race/ethnicity is not the primary focus]

4 What Constitutes Sexual Deviance? 1. Against norms and values of one’s subculture/society. 2. Subjective in nature. As no one group has a collective idea of what is wrong or right. 3. We are taught the norms and values, which may undergo age and/or situational changes. 4. Three are viewed within the realm of deviancy: prostitution, pornography, and homosexuality.

5 Prostitution Definition: engaging in sexual activity for money and/or other goods. Neither sexual or affection is considered as integral part of the sexual interaction.

6 Prostitution Continued: 1. Pimps: reference to males, who garner nearly 100% of the profits. 2. Madam: reference to a female, who may or may have not been ‘involved’ in the business. Garners about 50% of profits. 3. Call Girl(Escort): commands the highest status. Develops an established clientele. May operate independently. Hierarchy from Escort to lowest-street walker

7 Legalization of Prostitution Advocates view prostitution as a ‘victimless’ crime and it is an act occurring between two consenting adults.

8 Advantages if Legalized 1. Lessen Control of organized crime 2. Reduction in the spread of STD’S and Aids virus 3.Licensed Brothels (1)Easier to monitor (2)Must use condoms 4. No Brothel Madame will knowingly hire an intravenous drug user

9 Advocacy Group C.O.Y.O.T.E[Call off Your Old Tired Ethics]: which was an advocacy group begun by former prostitutes, in 1973. Strong belief that basic issues of working rights and woman’s self-determination are involved. Agree women should not be force, but if decide to choose the profession, they have a basic civil right to do so and not be harassed by police and the courts.

10 Summary 1.Those having STD’s, using drugs, or involved in crime become part of Street Trade. 2.Majority are coerced into trade due to poverty related issues, few job opportunities,or the sexist ideology. 3.This sexist ideology defines women in terms of their sexuality with little regard given to other skills and qualities.

11 Becoming A Prostitute Forced Prostitution is very rare in the U.S. Differential Association developed by Edward Sutherland( 1920-1930’s). Examined issue from that of a labeling theorist, which is a sub-theory under Symbolic Interaction's.

12 Differential Association Step1:Learned from others involved. Step2: Contact with other pimp and prostitute begins move Step 3: Contacts leads to building of ‘clientele’ Step4:Required to be young and pretty. Step 5: most are between 17-24 years of age. Average age is about 22 yrs. And when they reach their peak.

13 Factors Contributing to Start in Prostitution 1. First intercourse by 10-13 years of age. 2. A pattern of having sex with several men in succession; often having only a brief acquaintance. 3. Most significant factor is Poverty

14 Male Prostitutes They have the same hierarchy as female[from Escort to the bar hustler to the street walker Two distinct subcultures: (1) Peer- delinquent and (2) Gay

15 Peer-Delinquent Subculture 1. Consists of boys from lower-class backgrounds 2. Never defined themselves as homosexuals 3. Prostitution an exclusive means of making money, not for sexual gratification 4. Typically, are engaging in other activities

16 Gay Subculture 1. Involves boys who consider themselves homosexual or bisexual 2. More often work gay neighborhoods 3. More likely than peer-delinquents to come from middle-class 4. A way to interact with other gays 5. Desire sexual gratification

17 Adolescent Male Prostitutes 1. Unstable families, in which they may have a series of caretakers[including parents and other relatives] 2. Likely to have experienced physical and/or sexual abuse from caretakers 3. Conflict over sexual orientation leads to running away

18 Barriers to Reentrance into Community 1. Difficulty if in trade too long to return ‘home’ 2. Isolation from family,friends, and parents 3. Few supports, only from pimps, and others in trade. 4. Additional barriers due to other illegalities 5. Battered by pimps or assaulted by customers. Other issues, also at play.

19 Theoretical Perspectives (1) Functionalism = Macrolevel Analyis (2) Conflict* = Macrolevel analysis (3) Symbolic Interactionsim = Micro analysis.

20 Functionalism MORAL SYSTEM=encourages prostitution and thereby functions to preserve the social system by condemning the trade.

21 Functionalism continued… a. Moral structure creates prostitution by condemning it as a meaningless sex activity. b. Important effects on moral system as it keeps wives and daughter ‘pure’. c. Prostitution allows sexual gratification to be achieved in a variety ways. Lessens stress on wife, etc. Summary: (1) stabilize society (2)legitimize births, and (3) Reduce sexual deviancy.

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