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Pakistan Services Roadmap ~ Implementation Priorities.

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1 Pakistan Services Roadmap ~ Implementation Priorities

2 Services Sector Mission The Government of Pakistan Services Sector Mission is to strengthen and assist service industries to achieve greater success in international markets

3 Key Strategic Areas 1.Increase Institutional Support 2.Streamline the Regulatory Environment 3.Strengthen Service Infrastructure 4.Provide Better Information

4 1. Increase Institutional Support Strengthen Associations Build Services Awareness and Capability in the TDAP Improve Services Focus in Other Relevant Organizations Establish Special New Developmental Organizations

5 Associations - the situation Some strong, others need strengthening Some sectors do not have an Association All need greater emphasis on services exports Key Roles can include: –Business Development - market research, planning, partnerships, sister associations –Public Relations - awards –Quality - standards, compliance –Training - special events, education, skills development

6 Associations - recommendations Revise the 1961 law Improve governance practices Establish ASSPB as a peak body Create enterprise networks Create service coalitions

7 Associations (2) Develop funding strategies Strengthen Associations in line with member interests Ensure trade orientation Train committee members and staff Encourage them to offer training

8 Increase Services Focus in Other Organizations Focus IIN on services (as well as textiles and leather) Train Pakistani commercial officers posted abroad Support services trade promotion Create technology parks and centres Encourage enterprise networks

9 Establish New Developmental Organizations Establish a Legal Services Export Development Organization Establish a Construction Export Board Set up or strengthen SEDOs in other sectors such as architecture, energy, engineering, transport, accounting and advertising

10 Initiate Marketing Support Introduce High-Profile Services Export Awards Introduce an annual National Services Fair and Conference Publish a Pakistan Services Export Directory Introduce a Services Industry Website Development Programme

11  Review Current Regulations  Improve Public-Private Consultation  Integrate Private Sector Priorities into Multilateral Trade Negotiating Objectives 2. The Regulatory Environment

12 Streamline Licensing Procedures Improve Local Firm Opportunities on Domestic Projects Allow Limited Liability Partnerships for Service Providers Formulate Cyber Law Review Regulations

13 Improve Public-Private Consultation Form a National Services Export Steering Committee Encourage Provincial Government Activity Develop Formal Consultation Processes

14 Include Private Sector Priorities in National Trade Objectives Negotiate Restrictions Removal on Repatriation of Foreign Earnings Negotiate for Foreign Governments to ‘Soften’ Local Partner Requirements Lobby to Make International Business Travel Easier Lobby for Recognition of Qualifications

15 3. Services Infrastructure Take advantage of our significant Human Resources Improve the Financial Lending Environment for Services Further Improve the Telecommunications Infrastructure Improve Utility Provision and Expand Transport

16 Human Resources Encourage Training in Areas of National Priority Support Vocational Training for Professionals Provide Incentives for Training in Priority Sectors Improve Accreditation Processes for Educational/ Training Institutions

17 Improve Lending Have SBP and Bankers’ Association Develop Freer Funding for Service Exports Establish a Pakistan Export - Import Bank Encourage Development of Venture Capital

18 Improve Telecommunications Accelerate Broadband Installations Improve Flexibility of Technology Applications e.g. portability of cell phone numbers Support De-regulation

19 Improve Utilities and Transport Accede to International Conventions on Transport and Become a Transit Hub Subsidize Power Supply

20 4. Information Improve Services Classifications Establish Physical and Online Resource Centers Improve National Awareness of Service Export Potential

21 Services Classifications Adopt UN recommended classifications Capture Data on All Export Modes Collect Data Nationally and in the Provinces

22 Monitor Services Sectors Develop Evaluation Criteria Set National Priority Sectors for all Relevant Bodies Ensure Inclusive Practices so Smaller Firms are not Disadvantaged

23 Improve Awareness of Pakistan Service Export Potential Introduce a Dedicated Trade in Services Website Conduct a Public Awareness Campaign Conduct Campaigns Abroad to Improve Pakistan’s Image Participate in Major International Events and Attract Some to Pakistan

24 Next Steps 1.Set Service Sector Development as an immediate Government Priority 2.Adopt the Recommendations of the Roadmap 3.Allocate adequate Funding over the next Five Years 4.Appoint a Government Implementation Task Force to plan tasks, timing and responsibilities

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