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Personal Care Concept Mapping Activity 11-1

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1 Personal Care Concept Mapping Activity 11-1
Caring for your teeth, skin, hair and nails

2 TEETH TIPS Brush at least 2x/day Floss daily
Limit sugary foods and drinks Eat fruits, vegetables, and foods that have calcium Visit a dentist every 6 months

3 SKIN TIPS Bathe or Shower daily
Eat properly and stay physically active Protect from sun Avoid body décor- tattoos and piercing

4 HAIR TIPS Brush/comb daily Wash regularly

5 NAIL TIPS Clean and soften hands in warm water Push back cuticles
Trim nails Smooth rough edges

6 Personal Care Concept Mapping Activity 11-2
Caring for eyes

7 Caring for your EYES Avoid damaging UV rays by:
Not looking directly at the sun and wearing sunglasses that block UV rays Avoid eyestrain by: Sitting at least 6 feet away from the TV Avoid eye injury by: Wearing glasses or goggles designed for sports, yard work or exposure to chemicals Avoid damage from serious eye diseases by: visiting a health care professional who specializes in eye care

8 Caring for your EARS Avoid injuring your ears by: Not putting anything inside your ears. Using special ear drops to help dry out your ears Prevent tinnitus or deafness by: Keeping the volume low when you listen to music. Wearing earplugs or protective headphones when you will be around loud noises. Protecting your ears from freezing temperatures

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