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CONCERN: EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM A Benefit for Employees and Families.

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1 CONCERN: EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM A Benefit for Employees and Families

2 2 CONCERN: EAP Services Work/Life Benefits –Parenting and Childcare Resources –Eldercare Services –Financial Counseling –Legal Consultations –Pet Care Referrals Short Term Counseling 1-5 visits per issue per 12- month period Free Confidential – 24/7 800 number answered “live”

3 3 Getting Started Call for an appointment 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday In crisis situations, call 24/7 for immediate telephone support For more information –Ask your HR/Benefits Department – –Call CONCERN at (800) 344-4222

4 Resiliency during Tough Economic Times

5 Objectives What is Stress? Define Resiliency Economic Stress Talking about finances How to boost your resiliency 5

6 Types of Stress Eustress (positive stress) Distress (negative stress) –Acute Stress –Chronic Stress 6

7 Stress Reactions Fight, Flight or Freeze Negative effects on mental well-being, physical health and hormonal system Cortisol (stress hormone) can create both physical and emotional reactions 7

8 Resilience The key is not to try to avoid stress altogether, but to manage the stress It involves maintaining flexibility and balance in your life: –Monitoring your emotions –Taking action and resting –Gaining support and nurturing yourself –Relying on other and yourself 8

9 Impact on Health Reality: increased anxiety, depression, grief, or hardship can be damaging Take good care of yourself, both physically and psychologically Remember: the flight attendant instructs you to put on your oxygen mask first! 9

10 Financial Stress 66% of Americans identify the economy as a significant source of stress in their lives 75% are stressed by money Housing costs are a major cause of financial stress 48% report that job stability is a significant concern 10

11 Managing Economic Stress Pause but don’t panic Identify your financial stressors and make a plan Recognize how you deal with stress related to money Turn these challenging times into opportunities for real growth and change Ask for professional support 11

12 12 Establish a Spending Plan Write it down –Use your actual current income –Identify a list of debts vs expenses –Trim flexible expenses then reduce fixed expenses Planning ahead –Start to save – pay yourself first –Start/continue an emergency fund –Consider other way to increase your income

13 Couples talking about Finances Keep your cool Soften your “start up” Don’t be a mind reader Think, then speak Repair before exiting 13

14 De-stress through simplifying Get into action De-clutter your environment Donate all unused belongings Organize all your financial and important papers 14

15 Strategies for Building Resilience Make Connections Avoid seeing crises as insurmountable Accept that change is a part of life Move toward your goals and take decisive action Keep things in perspective and maintain a hopeful outlook Take care of yourself 15

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