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2 HOW TO PREPARE? Make a sketch of all the ideas that can be used to argue for/against a given statement. Think of as many examples as possible. Don’t behave like Use debate strategies, phrases for arguing. Mey MEY

3 How to open a discussion?
To start with, …. Let’s begin by…. Let’s look at….. The main thing we need to discuss is … computers have changed our lives . discussing how computers have changed our lives. how computers have changed our lives. how computers have changed our lives. For example: If your task is to argue for/against computers, you can finish these phrases in the following way. Mey

4 How to express your opinion?
I think...  I feel ... In my opinion, … I strongly believe that... It seems to me that... As far as I'm concened,.. If you ask me... I'd say that... The point is... As I see it,.. In my view, … From my point of view... I am of the opinion that... In my experience... My personal view is that... The thing is that… Personally, I think… I have a point to make here. To be honest,… I'd like to point out that... Mey

5 How to support your opinion?
Let me give you an example. For instance,……. For example, ….. First… Second….. Last but not least Your Turn.  Give examples of how computers have changed our lives. N.B.: Your examples should be relevant, logical and clear. Mey MEY

6 Be ready to agree or disagree.
Up to a point, but... Yes, that's quite true, but... Well, you have a point there, but... Perhaps, but don't you think that...? I see what you mean, but... I’m sorry to disagree with you, but… I'm not so sure about that. I'm afraid I have to disagree. I'm not sure I quite agree I tend to disagree with you there That's not entirely true. I’m afraid that’s not how I see it. On the contrary… I do not believe that… I think that’s wrong. That's not the point No, I think you're wrong I agree (with you). I agree with this idea. I completely agree with this view. You are absolutely right. I couldn't agree more (on this). That's a good point I couldn't agree more I see what you mean That's just what I was thinking I agree entirely You know, that's exactly what I think Mey

7 How to interrupt you partner?
Can I just say something here? Can I make a point here? If I could just interrupt for a moment... Sorry , do you mind if I interrupt? Your options: Sure, go ahead. Yes, of course. Can I just finish what I was saying? If I could just finish making this point... Mey


9 School doesn’t prepare you for life.
Against Students must learn too much unnecessary information. Lexical knowledge is tested in most tests and exams. Real problems of students’ future life are rarely discussed. Students make friends at school. Students learn responsibilty and discipline. A school is society on a small scale therefore students learn to socialize. Come up with some other ideas of your own before starting your debate. (e.g.subjects, teacher-student relationship, traditions, etc.) Mey

10 It is useful if children use computers from an early age.
Against For Children get addicted to computers at a young age. They don’ spend enough time outdoors. They live in a virtual world. They don’t learn to communicate in person. Computer literacy is an essential skill for learning and work. They can use technological devices more easily. Parents don’t have to buy expensive toys. Some more ideas? Mey

11 We should use public transport rather than cars.
Against For Fuel is expensive. Cars are expensive to buy and maintain. Travelling by car is more dangerous. Using means of public transport is the first step towards becoming environment-conscious. Only big cities have efficient networks of public transport. Buses, trams, etc. are always overcrowded. You can’t take much luggage with you. The tickets are rather expensive. Mey

12 Why bother with cooking at home if you can have your hot meals in the school canteen or other cheap places instead? For Against Shopping for food and cooking take a long time. You can enjoy the company of your friends at an eating place. There is a wide choice of dishes to choose from. You do not know where the ingredients come from. The portions are either too small or too big. Home-made dishes are more delicious. Cooking at home is cheaper. Mey

13 Softening opinions and making generalisations
Sometimes English speakers soften the way they express their opinions so that they don't sound rude or offensive. In that case we can use: Quantifiers: Rather/quite/ a bit +neg. adjective or un-/dis-…+adjective Some teenagers are rather impolite. Some of them can be a bit aggressive Adverbs: Not very+ positive adj That is not very sensible behaviour Verbs: Tend to +infinitive Footballers tend to earn quite a lot of money Fixed phrases: Generally speaking/ on the whole at the beginning of sentence At times at the end of the sentence Generally speaking, most kids are just lazy. Football fans are quite violent at times. Mey

14 Use the words/phrases in brackets to soften these opinions about children.
Children don't do very much sport. (Generally speaking, most) Generally speaking, most children don't do very much sport.  They're spoilt. (tend to, a bit) They're rude to their teachers.    (can, quite, at times) They're very unhealthy.      (Some of them, not very) They watch a lot of TV. (On the whole, tend to, quite)       They're impatient. (Generally speaking, not very) They're selfish.   ( Some of them, can, rather)     Mey

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