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“The Rockpile By James Baldwin.

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1 “The Rockpile By James Baldwin

2 Question #1 Does this story call to mind any of your own childhood experiences? Explain

3 Answer #1 Yes, because when Jorge was little, he used to break his mom’s porcelain decorations just for fun; even though his mom told him not to touch them

4 “””Question #2 If you were in Roy's place, would you have sneaked down to the rockpile? Explain. What would you have done if you were in John's place? Why?

5 Answer #2 a)Jose says yes, because he thinks that it would be sick to go play and kick some butt. b) Jose would tell him that if he goes he would kick his butt. a)Jorge says no, he would not go down to the rockpile because he would prefer to break stuff than to be broken. b) He would’ve told him not to go, or else he’ll break him before he even gets there. a)Yesenia says yes, because she doesn’t listen to her mom just like Roy. b) She would not ell him anything because she’s not the one getting beaten.

6 Do you think that Gabriel overreacts to Roy's injury? Why or Why not?
Question #3 Do you think that Gabriel overreacts to Roy's injury? Why or Why not?

7 Answer #3 Yes, because its not a big deal its just a small scratch above his eye. If Roy would've died then it would’ve been understandable.

8 What draws Roy to the Rockpile?
Question #4 What draws Roy to the Rockpile?

9 Answer #4 The boys that were playing at the rockpile called him over and asked him to play with him. “Some friends of Roy passed beneath the fire escape and called him”(pg.846)

10 Question #5 (a) Whom does Gabriel blame for Roy's injury? (b) Whom does Elizabeth blame?

11 Answer #5 Gabriel blames John for letting Roy go and play with his friends at the rockpile. But he mostly puts blame on Elizabeth for not payin attention to her sons. Elizabeth blames Gabriel because he babies Roy too much and lets him get away with stuff.

12 Question #6 a) What role does John serve in his family? Support your answer. (b) What evidence is there that his relationship with Gabriel is different from that of the other children?

13 Answer#6 His role is being a older brother that has to look over his younger siblings. He was nameless and a stranger, living, unalterable testimony to his mother’s sins b) Gabriel babies Roy after the incident and quickly blames Elizabeth and John for not keeping an eye on him. So Gabriel prefer Roy even over his own wife, so obviously he would prefer Roy over John. “ He ain’t got your big eyes for nothing…”Gabriel aint no sense for trying to blame Johnnie”(pg.850)

14 Question #7 (a) How would you characterize Gabriel? Support you answer. (b) Why is he so upset by Roy's injury? Explain

15 Answer #7 a)He is very rash and decides too quickly on important issues that need time. b) He’s upset with Roy’s injury because he’s his baby boy and Roy is all that really matters to him.

16 Question #8 (a) What conclusions can you draw about Gabriel's relationship with Elizabeth? Explain. (b) Why do his feelings toward Elizabeth soften towards the end of the story?

17 Answer #8 Elizabeth and Gabriel have a love hate relationship. At then of the book Gabriel sees the mother of his children, his other half, yet he loses interest because she doesn’t say what he wants to hear, or do what he says. “his eyes were struck with malovence…his longing to witness her perdition.” (850)

18 Question #9 What lessons could you learn from this story that you could apply to you own life? Explain.

19 Answer #9 To take care of your little brother, pay attention to your elders, and don’t do things that you are told not to do. Parents try to protect you more then half of the time, and if you disobey them, at least one time it will come back to get you.

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