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Uninsured HAS 4320. The quiz

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1 Uninsured HAS 4320

2 The quiz

3 1. How many Americans were uninsured in 1998? A. 18 million B. Around 25 million C. Around 44 million D. 53 million


5 A. Full-time employed B. Part-time employed C. Unemployed 2. Are Most Uninsured:


7 3. Which age group represents the most uninsured people? A. Age 18 and under B. Age 19-24 C. Age 25-34 D. Age 35-44 E. Age 45-54 F. Age 55-65


9 4. Which race or ethnic group has the highest percentage of uninsured people? A. White B. Hispanic C. Black, non-Hispanic D. Asian-American E. Other


11 5. How many children age 18 and under are uninsured? A. 1 million B. 3.6 million C. 8 million D. 12 million


13 6. How does health insurance influence the care people get?



16 7. What is the primary reason people say they don't people have health insurance? A. Don’t know how to get coverage B. Too expensive C. Job doesn’t offer benefits D. Unemployed


18 The Problem 42.6 million uninsured Health premiums continue to rise Job loss Inadequate Medicaid

19 Demographics Full-time workers Poor or low income More minorities Charts…





24 Utah’s Uninsured 270,000 (non-elderly) 14.4%

25 Causes and Consequences Small employers Premiums American beliefs Reduced access Life style Anxiety

26 Financial Consequences Medical bills More needs Debt Collections Courts Bankruptcy Uninsured are overcharged

27 Day-to-day Struggles Cost-benefit analysis Home remedies What would you give up?

28 Expectations and beliefs Learned hopelessness Stigma Contradictions

29 Children without Insurance 1/3 Most breadwinners employed Medicaid issues Receive less care

30 Social Policy Targeted services Employer-sponsored insurance Public programs Universal Coverage

31 National Health Insurance Production efficiency Consumption efficiency Equity

32 Proposals Single-payor Employer-mandated Refundable tax credits Medical savings accounts (MSA) Healthcare Act of 2003 The Health Coverage, Affordability, Responsibility and Equity Act of 2003

33 CHIP (Utah) Children’s Health Insurance Program Who is eligible 2003 Income guidelines When/How do I apply? How is CHIP paid for? What services?

34 Medicaid Introduction Who is covered?  Children  Adults  Elderly  Disabled

35 What services are covered? Inpatient and outpatient hospital Physician, midwife, certified NP Lab and X-ray Nursing home and home health Screening, diagnosis and treatment for children Family planning Rural health clinics

36 How is it spent 50% + on acute care services 35% on long-term care

37 How is it delivered? Managed care…

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