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Kidney Dysplasia.

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1 Kidney Dysplasia

2 What Is It?? (Renal Dysplasia or Multicystic Dysplasia)
‘Dysplasia’; abnormality in development A condition that can occur in babies while they are growing in the womb One or both of the baby’s kidneys do not develop normally Fluid-filled sacs called cysts replace normal kidney tissue One kidney – few health issues Both kidneys- do not survive pregnancy or need transplant/dialysis very early in life 1 in every 4300 live births

3 How Does It Affect The Kidney??
During pregnancy, baby develops a ureter (collects urine from kidneys) In KD, the tubules of the ureter fail to branch out of kidney properly Due to a malformation of the distal components of the nephron such as, the collecting ducts, pelvis and ureter Urine has no where to go, collects inside kidney and forms cysts

4 Kidney Dysplasia Normal Development

5 Symptoms Enlarged kidney at birth
Abnormalities in the urinary tract – urinary infections High blood pressure

6 Diagnosis Sonogram – fetal ultrasound (sound waves used to create images) After birth, examination of urinary tract infection or other medical condition

7 Nature vs. Nuture Nuture
Prescription drugs such as, seizure or high blood pressure treating medication Illegal drugs such as, cocaine Nature Appears to be an autosomal dominant trait - one parent can pass it onto the child When KD is discovered in a child, ultrasound may reveal the condition in one of the parents

8 Treatment One kidney – no treatment
Regular check-ups on blood pressure, urine samples for protein, and tests to measure kidney function Removal of kidney only necessary if it causes pain, high blood pressure, shows abnormal changes in ultrasound No recent/upcoming treatments found


10 Questions What replaces normal kidney tissue in an infected kidney?
What fails to properly form in the kidney causing kidney dysplasia? How? Describe two ways in which kidney dysplasia is diagnosed.

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