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Goodwill Easter Seals of the Gulf Coast Community Presentation of Legacy Corps Program.

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1 Goodwill Easter Seals of the Gulf Coast Community Presentation of Legacy Corps Program

2 Goodwill Easter Seals is guided by:  Our Mission: “Together, we Empower people through Encouragement, Education, and Employment”.  Our Values: Integrity, Compassion, Unity, Respect, Excellence  Our Vision: “Strengthening Individuals, Families and Communities”

3 Children’s Services:  Early Intervention  Child Development Centers (2) Special Education Preschool Program OSR First Class PreK Program Early HeadStart  Family Support Services  Recreation Programs  AF/Navy Respite Services

4 Support Services:  Medical Assistance  Equipment Loan  Support Groups Down Syndrome Autism Stroke Survivors Post-Polio  Camperships  Community Assistance

5 Education Services:  Adult Literacy  Adult Basic Education  GED Instruction  GED Testing  Financial Literacy  At – Risk Youth programs

6 Workforce Development Services:  Vocational Rehab  SCSEP  Youth Mentoring (GoodGuides)  Transitional Youth  TANF  Business Services  Ability One Programs

7 Legacy Corps Program An AmeriCorps Project Provided through a Grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service and University of Maryland Health Services Administration

8 AmeriCorps Background:  America’s version of the PeaceCorps  Established in 1993 to connect Americans of all ages and backgrounds with opportunities to give back to their communities and nation  Four Common Goals of all AmeriCorps programs and members: Getting Things Done Strengthening Communities Encouraging Responsibilities Expanding Opportunity

9 Purpose of Legacy Corps Project  Provide Respite and Support Services to Veterans and Active Duty Military Families  Assist in reducing Caregiver Stress  Empower the Caregiver and Care Recipient through education and linkages to community resources

10 Why the Need?  By 2025 62 million Americans will be considered senior citizens (the fastest growing cohort will be those 100 years+)  A growing and specialized need for caregiver support exists among veterans and military families  96% of those caregivers are women and more than 30% have been providing care for over 10 years  Caregivers of veterans report more than twice the emotional stress of caregivers of adults nationally  As service members, Veterans have the opportunity to become civically engaged and increase their employability within the community

11 Legacy Corps Service Members:  Volunteers - not employees!  Will provide at least 450 service hours /year (includes training/in-service hours)  Preference to veteran service members (60% of enrollment)  Thorough interview, screening and evaluation process  Monthly Stipend - $200  Educational Award - $1,468/year  In-service Training/Professional Development Opportunities

12 Members provide Community-Based Services for Veterans/Military Families: Services provided by Legacy Corps Members: In-home Respite – Average 9 -12 hours per week to allow Caregiver break, rest, time to attend to personal health and well-being Information Sharing/ Peer-to-Peer Networks – Member will provide information on topics and issues common among Veteran Caregiver situations; facilitate linkages to social support opportunities Child Care Respite – Respite to parents of children facing deployment or those caring for a special needs child (active or retired) Caregiver Transitional Services – provided to families transitioning to/from medical facilities and home-based care

13 Legacy Member Requirements:  Must be 18 Years or older  Have a High School Diploma or GED  Obtain Clearance on Federal and State Criminal Background and National Sex Offender Registry Checks  Commit to at least 450 hours for one year

14 Service Member Enrollment  Written Application  Check Driving Record/Insurance  Criminal History, Sexual Offender Registry  2 Personal References  Interview  20-hour Orientation / Pre-Service Training (Typically 4-5 days)

15 Additional Qualifications/Responsibilities: Attend required pre-service, monthly in-service training and reflection sessions Adherence to Program Guidelines, Policies and Procedures Complete reporting requirements (monthly progress notes, for example) Have reliable transportation and telephone communications Flexible Schedule for providing service activities and attending training events/meetings

16 Ways to Partner with GES Legacy Corps Project  Refer potential service members who meet the minimum requirements and qualifications (60% veterans)  Refer potential recipients (90% families with veteran or active duty member in home)  Provide resource/referral information related to veteran/caregiver needs  Provide workshops/guest presentation sessions for Legacy Corps monthly in-service sessions  Spread the word to help us Recruit Qualified Service Members!

17 Contact: Caroline Dixon, Program Coordinator 850-659-7188 Stacey Griffith 850-474-0030

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