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Camden Mendiola Ben Houston Monty Prekeris Dan Rice Dan “Klitz” Johnson.

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1 Camden Mendiola Ben Houston Monty Prekeris Dan Rice Dan “Klitz” Johnson

2 To provide a flexible low power wireless aerial/terrestrial network that allows the user to survey, sense, and respond Useful for military, police, search and rescue Localized and self managed Ben

3 BASE STATION Foundational PC Control software complete QUADCOPTER Quadcopter Prototype 1.0 built and ready for testing Basic flight software and testing in progress  Hover; Landing; Heading; Directional Movement GPS and Environmental Sensors in development GROUND MODULE Part list complete Schematic and PCB in preliminary phase Ben

4 Milestone 1:  Basic Flight Commands Hover; Manual Landing; Heading  Basic Mesh Network Capabilities Preliminary Integration of Modules Milestone 2:  Advanced Flight Commands Directional Movement with GPS Integration, Automatic Landing  Advanced Environmental Sensor Integration through Mesh Network EXPO:  Autonomous Flight Patterns  Complete Mesh Network Integration Ben



7 Level 0: Wireless Sensing Network Environmental Data User Interface Quadcopter Platform Terrestrial Platform Power Ben

8 HarnessESC’sMotors CPU Power Circuit Logic Converter Accelerometer Barometer Magnetometer Gyroscope GPS Ultrasonic Radio Comm. Battery Level 1.1: Quadcopter Environ. Sensors 5V (3.3V Signal) SPI Serial PWM 11.1V 3.3V Ben

9 CPU Power Circuit ADC Air Quality Gas Sensor Battery Level 1.2: Terrestrial Unit Alarm 5V3.3V I2C Serial Analog Gen. I/0 Heart Rate Monitor 9V Radio Comm. Ben


11  Version 1 of PCB has been completed and ordered.  A testing strategy is currently in development Cam

12 Motor Control Circuit Microprocessor Cam PWM

13 Serial Converter Circuit Cam

14 Power Circuit Cam

15 Oscillator Circuit Logic Level Circuit Cam

16 XBee Circuit Cam


18 Generate Initial Pulse Ultra- sonic Chirp Initial Pulse Listen for Echo Begin Count Stop Count when Echo Detected Calculate Distance Cam

19 PWM Speed Command MOSFET Driver Battery Motor RPM Cam

20 Converts DC into 3 phase AC Back EMF used to detect rotation RPM adjusted by Pulse Width to each phase HobbyWing FlyFun Brushless ESC Cam

21 Gyro Accelerometer Magnetometer Klitz

22 ITG-3200 Triple Axis 3 16-bit ADC’s 400kHz I2C Interface Key element for stabilization Klitz

23 ADXL345 3 Axis Accelerometer High performance g-sensor Klitz

24 HMC5843 Measures Strength or Direction of Magnetic Field (Compass) 3 Axis 1 to 2 degree range of accuracy I2C interface Sensitivity of 0.10 μT Allows heading tracking Klitz

25 300 to 1100 hPa (atmospheric pressure) Accuracy of 0.3 hectopascals I2C Interface Maintains altitude of Quadcopter Beneficial in Autonomous landing BMP085 Klitz

26 Safely Converts 5V to 3.3V and 3.3V to 5V Converts 4 pins at one time I2C Interface Klitz


28 LEVEL 1.0.0: QUADCOPTER BASIC FLIGHT Take Off Hover Directional Movement (Left, Right, Forward, Back) Land Monty

29 Set GPS Coordinate Check GPS Check Heading Set Heading Set Direction LEVEL 1.1.0: QUADCOPTER BASIC FLIGHT Monty

30 Check if flat Check Accel. In Z direction Decrease Motors Speed Increase Motor Speed Adjust Appropriate Motors YES NO Z > 0 Z < 0 HOVER Monty

31 Set Pitch or Roll Is Z decreasing Or increasing Adjust Appropriate Motors DIRECTIONAL MOVEMENT Monty

32 Set Heading Check Mag Check Hover Set Yaw Adjust Motors No Yes HEADING Monty

33 Accel. = 0 Decrease Decel. to min value Kill Motors Check Hover Read Ultrasonic Check Alt. Above Threshold? Decrease Decel. Increase Decel. Yes No Yes No LANDING Monty

34 Get Sensor Data Health Readings Abnormal? Set Local Alarm NO YES Wireless Alert to Base Station Send Local Data to Base Station Level 1.2.0 TERRESTRIAL UNIT Monty

35 Get Packet Parse Process: Polling Based Build Transmit Packet Receive Packet Send Packet Process: Commands and Data Monty

36 IO_data_sample_RX( ) parse_sample( ) Monty


38  Current user interface for Command PC is text-based. Displays information based on commands received from user. Dan

39  Goal: Create a user interface that uses information received from the Quadcopter to display information about flight status.  Need to incorporate Google Maps with GPS data. Dan


41  Test 1: ◦ Enough Lift with given weight/propellers/motors Result: ◦ Quadcopter had plenty of lift with plenty of motor speed to spare  Test 2: ◦ Ultrasonic sensors range and reliability Result: ◦ At low propeller speed ultrasonic sensors were unaffected, but had narrow beam width

42  A Node Discovery(ND) command can be broadcast to discover which nodes are in the network.  On right, Quadcopter and Terrestrial unit are part of the network.

43 Timing Diagram of a packet being transmitted over XBee using the Intronix Logicport

44  12,130 rpm maximum at 60% duty cycle  Lift occurs at 9,800 rpm (old frame)  Increasing duty cycle gives minimal rpm gain after 60% Dan

45  0.662 A maximum current (steady state) draw at max 12,130 rpm (no load)  Current is not dependent on PWM duty cycle  Current spikes occur when incrementing large rpm steps Dan


47 Klitz

48 Phase 1:BenCamdenDanielKlitzMonty PCB Design Flight Command Functional Decomposition Phase 2: Testing PCB Revision and Design Environmental Sensor *Hardware design *Software design XBee Mesh Network Phase 3: Basic Auto Patterns GPS Integration Klitz



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