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Graduate School and Careers in International Studies.

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1 Graduate School and Careers in International Studies

2 Is Graduate School right for me? Competitiveness with a graduate degree Earnings potential Narrower field of specialization than undergraduate study Write out a list of individual pros and cons and short-term and long-term goals

3 What can I do to prepare for graduate school in International Studies? Internships International experience Study abroad Language GPA GRE

4 Should I apply to a Master’s or a PhD program? Acceptance into a doctoral program may require very specific research/thesis goals Completion of a master's program may enable you to be accepted into a doctoral program in an area that differs from your undergraduate study A terminal master's program may be all that you need to achieve your career goals

5 Should I go to graduate school right after graduation or postpone? You should postpone if… You are unsure about what you want to study You are being pressured to go to graduate school You are going because you don't know what else to do

6 Is an International Studies program right for me? Yes, if you hope to gain broad- based knowledge about international issues No, if you want to pursue a specific subject matter and develop an expertise in that area

7 Which program or school is right for me? What specializations are available? Do the faculty have expertise in the areas in which I am interested? Does the program have options for part- time students? (Night classes, etc.)

8 In addition, you should consider: Academic quality Admission requirements Degree requirements Core courses offered Location Campus Size Program cost Student/Faculty Ratio

9 What career options are available after graduation? Government Peace Corps Recruitment or Desk Officer Foreign Service Officer or General Services Officer - US Department of State Export Assistance Center, US Department of Commerce Legislative Assistant to US Congress or Senate Central Intelligence Agency Military service

10 Non-profit and Non-Governmental Organizations Program Assistant Program Director Program Coordinator Outreach Coordinator Program Manager

11 International Business Human Resources Marketing Corporate Social Responsibility Contracts Computer Technology International Operations

12 International Program Administration Study Abroad Regional Coordinator Study Abroad Asst. Director of Operations Global Perspectives Certificate Coordinator International Student Adviser International Student Program Coordinator International Scholar Adviser Immigration and Admissions Specialist

13 Where can I go to learn more? For general information about international studies programs, visit the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs at For specific information about NC State, visit

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