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Terminology Abuse Grievances Privacy Choice Health care team.

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1 Terminology Abuse Grievances Privacy Choice Health care team

2 Terminology #2 Coercion Ombudsman Social services Restraints Informed consent

3 Long-Term care facility Provide physical care Provide a team approach to care Prevent illness Promote recovery and health

4 Resident rights Exercise of rights as resident and citizen Notice of rights, rules, and services Protection of resident funds, rules, and services Protection of resident funds Free choice of physician Participate in development of care plan

5 Resident Rights/#2 Privacy and confidentiality Treatment and care Examination of survey results Not required to work Privacy to send and receive unopened mail Receive family and relatives, visitors Telephone provided for use

6 Resident Rights/#3 Retain and use personal possessions Married couples to share a room Self-administer drugs Refuse transfer Participate in social, religious activities

7 Resident Rights/Admission Transfer and discharge requirements Notice of bed-hold Equal access to quality care Admission policy Resident care policies

8 Resident Rights/Resident Behavior Restraints, physical and chemical Abuse Staff treatment of residents

9 Resident Rights/Quality of Life Dignity Self-determination and participation Participation in resident and family groups Participation in other activities Accommodation of needs Activities Social services

10 Role of an Ombudsman An ombudsman is an impartial person who investigates complaints and acts as an advocate for residents and/or families to resolve conflicts

11 Resident Rights/Security Protection of funds Transfer/discharge/bed-hold Freedom from abuse

12 Resident Rights/Belonging Receive family, relatives, visitors Married couples’ right to share room Participation in activities Access to telephone, mail

13 Resident Rights/Self-esteem Retain and use personal possessions Treatment with dignity and respect Privacy/confidentiality


15 Certified nurse assistant requirements Complete CNA training Successfully complete state certification examination Certification renewal requirements 48 hours of approved inservice Renewal application and fee

16 Qualities of a certified nurse assistant DependableConsiderateCheerfulFlexibleHonestCompassionate Sensitive to others

17 Role and responsibility of the certified nursing assistant Provide a safe environment for the resident Meet the resident physical needs Assist the residents to meet their psychosocial needs Fulfill responsibility to employer

18 Professionalism for the CNA CompetentKnowledgeableCaringEthicalCommitted Representative of high standards

19 Ethical behavior of a certified nurse assistant / For resident care Keep personal information confidential Respect each person as an individual Give care based on need, not gratuities Recognize limitations of role as CNA

20 Ethical Behavior for work Ethic Working assigned shift Arriving on time for work Notifying employer prior to absences Following instructions Being a loyal, cooperative team member

21 Unacceptable behaviors that may result in dismissal Verbal or physical abuse StealingDisobeying Neglecting your duties Altering or falsifying records or report Working under the influence of alcohol or drugs Lying

22 Confidentiality Discuss personal information only with appropriate health team members With nurse or resident physician While participating in team conference / planning

23 Breach of Confidentiality Another resident Concerned friends or visitors News media CNA family Persons in the community

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