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Hosted by Miss Derry Public Speaking, Rhetoric, & Debate.

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2 Hosted by Miss Derry Public Speaking, Rhetoric, & Debate

3 100 200 400 300 400 Show UsPersonalityDo You Speak American? On Your Feet 300 200 400 200 100 500 100

4 Row 1, Col 1 60 percent of our communication What is body language (nonverbal communication)?

5 1,2 Your greatest tool as a speaker. What is your voice?

6 1,3 A common way of referring to the sounds of speech. What is accent?

7 1,4 A speech without preparation. What is impromptu speaking?

8 2,1 Key determinant of the meaning behind a message. Expresses your feelings to the Audience. What are facial expressions?

9 2,2 Necessary for good vocal production. What is deep, controlled breathing?

10 2,3 Any language variety associated with a particular region or social group. What is dialect?

11 2,4 Listen, pause…, confirm, tell, end! What is the formula for impromptu speaking?

12 3,1 Displays: Sincerity Attention Honesty Confidence Respect What is good eye contact?

13 3,2 Production of vibrations caused by air passing between the vocal folds, momentarily separating them and then the elasticity and the rush of air pulling them back together. What is phonation?

14 3,3 The specialized words or vocabulary used by people within a particular group (i.e., doctors, engineers). What is jargon?

15 3,4 Make a transition from one activity or speaker to another Establish the proper mind set of the audience Give the speaker authority How a speaker’s introduction can enhance a speech presentation?

16 4,1 Reinforces a verbal message or conveys a particular thought or emotion What are gestures?

17 4,2 Increasing or modifying of sounds by the throat, nose, and mouth. What is human resonation?

18 4,3 Specialized use of a language for a defined situation or occasion (i.e., baby talk). What is register?

19 4,4 Afraid you will fail Appear foolish Bore the audience Situation is new and unknown What are the causes of stage fright?

20 5,1 Suggest feelings such as shaking a clenched fist to show anger or determination What are emotional gestures?

21 5,2 120-160 words per minute What is the ideal speaking rate?

22 5,3 Words or expressions typically used in informal communication; often don’t last for a long time. What is slang?

23 5,4 Apologize Ramble Invent What are the “don’ts” of impromptu speaking?

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