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Veeam Backup & Replication ™ v5 with vPower ™ Tyler Row Sr. Systems Engineer, VCP

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1 Veeam Backup & Replication ™ v5 with vPower ™ Tyler Row Sr. Systems Engineer, VCP Twitter: @vMongo

2 Veeam Backup & Replication

3 vPower

4 Breakthrough technology  Publishes the backup as a regular VMDK file ●Compressed, deduplicated, incremental  Runs a VM directly from the backup file ●Runs on regular backup storage ●Does not make any changes to the backup file  Automatically manages an isolated virtual lab ●Workflow engine manages requests ●Proxy appliance provides access into the isolated environment “This is why I love Veeam. They take all the virtualization technology pieces on the table and put them together into a functioning business solution.” – Brett Westover IT Administrator Therapeutic Research Center

5 SureBackup


7 Recovery verification  Verify the recoverability of every backup ●Every virtual machine ●Every restore point  Does not affect backup windows or require additional hardware and staff Check all Check some Checksum

8 1 1 Publish 2 2 Start 3 3 Verify Backup Repository 1 1 Publish 2 2 Start 3 3 Verify VM OS App Report Verification Job How it works  Veeam Backup Server Fenced-off Environment Read-only

9 vPower NFS How it works vSphere VM Veeam Backup VM VMFS datastoreBackup store Isolated virtual lab  VM

10 FeatureBenefit Recovery verification Patent-pending Keep your job 10x faster: vSphere and vStorage (including Changed Block Tracking ) Complete backups on time, back up more frequently Advanced VSS integration and application awareness Recover critical Windows applications (Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SQL Server, etc.) Direct SAN accessAchieve higher consolidation ratios by removing load on production hosts and LAN SmartDedupe™Reduce storage requirements— without sacrificing tape support or creating a single point of failure SureBackup

11 InstantRestore

12 Instant VM recovery  Fast: start VM directly from backup file  Readily available: uses existing backups and backup storage  Buys you time: users keep working while you troubleshoot the problem

13 Storage vMotion (or Veeam Backup & Replication)

14 U-AIR  No application-specific agents to license No additional products to buy No special backups to create  Supports ANY virtualized application  Durable—not tied to application internals  Supports administrator- and user-directed recovery ●Wizards for administrator-directed item recovery from Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory and SQL Server ●User-directed item recovery from ANY application or database  Maintains separation of permissions between backup administrators and application owners




18 On-demand sandbox  Instantly start a group of production VMs in sandbox  Restore from any point (full or incremental backup)  Run directly from the backup file, with backup file remaining untouched  Can be used for: ●Troubleshooting ●Testing workarounds ●Patch testing ●Development or test lab Leverage the investment you’ve made in backups— put your backups to work

19 FeatureBenefit Instant VM recovery Patent-pending Best RTO and highest SLA for every VM U-AIR Patent-pending (universal application-item recovery) Fast and simple file and application-item recovery, lower IT costs, no additional backups Instant file-level recovery for any file system Patent-pending Instant indexing NEW! Comply with requirements to document backup of Windows guest files without increasing backup time Guest file search NEW! Find and recover Windows guest files faster to enhance service delivery On-demand sandbox Patent-pending Eliminate the cost of a dedicated test lab and the overhead of extra VM snapshots InstantRestore

20 SmartCDP

21 Replication

22 FeatureBenefit 2-in-1: backup and replicationSave money, reduce complexity, satisfy changing RTOs and RPOs, realize additional benefits from virtualization On-site replicationHigh availability Off-site replication IMPROVED! Disaster recovery Fraction of the cost of traditional CDP No need to buy an expensive specialized product or duplicate storage hardware Selective replication (specific VM versus entire LUN) Better performance, lower bandwidth usage Support for WAN accelerators Replicate over slow WAN links SmartCDP

23 Centralized management  Federation of backup servers for unlimited scalability  Consolidated alerting and reporting  Enterprise-wide VM and file searching  Automation via SDK

24 Version 1.0 2-in-1: backup and replication Instant file-level recovery Inline deduplication Direct-to-target backups Synthetic full backups Replica rollback Version 2.0 ESXi support with VCB Fastest VCB performance Advanced VSS support Version 3.0 IFLR for Linux ESXi support without VCB Version 3.1 vSphere compatibility Version 4.0 vStorage APIs Changed Block Tracking Thin-provisioned disks Direct SAN access Near-CDP replication Version 4.1 Replication to ESXi CBT with vRDM disks  Ongoing innovation: Veeam “firsts” Feb ‘08Jul ‘08Feb ‘09 Jun ‘09Oct ‘09Dec ‘09 Oct ‘10 Version 5.0 Instant VM recovery U-AIR Recovery verification On-demand sandbox Instant indexing

25 Awards

26 25,000+ customers and growing “If you’re serious about backing up your virtual machines, you need to have faith in a product that works. I’ve tried them all and am most pleased with Veeam. Veeam Backup is definitely number one in this market.” – Nathan Johnson Manager of IT Services NAI Utah Commercial Real Estate “Nothing else in the virtualization space offers comparable functionality and reliability.” – Kim Byram Director, Business and Information Systems ISCO Industries, LLC “Veeam Backup & Replication is way past WOW! This is what the backup world needs. Veeam has already given me hours of my life back each week.” – Larry Walker Vice President and Data Processing Officer Chelsea Groton Bank

27 What backup vendor and/or product(s) does your organization use for backing up its x86 virtual machines (VMs)? n=178 * From the Gartner US and EMEA Data Center Conferences in 4Q2010

28 A solution you can count on  Know that your VMs are protected and that you can recover quickly in the event of a problem  Remove unnecessary load and potential sources of instability on your production hosts  Know that the solution will work as advertised  Know that you won’t outgrow the solution  Know that you made the best investment

29 The best choice RequirementVeeamOthers Reliability of backups 100%Unknown Recover VM from backup MinutesHours Recover individual application items Any applicationSelect applications only Inexpensive (flat fee) Expensive (per application or per object fees) Recover individual guest files Any file system Windows, maybe Linux Create sandbox on demand for testing/training/development/QA IncludedNot available Additional capabilities: replication, deduplication, centralized management IncludedExtra (if available at all)

30 A great value  2-in-1: backup and replication  Hardware agnostic  No extra charge for: ●Replication (near-CDP) ●SureBackup recovery verification ●U-AIR (universal application-item recovery) ●Deduplication ●Enterprise Manager  Licensing by CPU socket ●No per-server, per-agent or per-mailbox fees  Quick ROI and low TCO

31 Standard and Enterprise Editions FeatureStandardEnterprise Instant VM recovery U-AIR (universal application-item recovery) Recovery verificationManualAutomated On-demand sandbox IFLR for any file system Windows guest file system indexingCurrent backups All backups (current & archived)

32 Choose the ONE that’s right for you

33 Veeam Backup & Replication  100% reliability  5-minute RTOs and RPOs  70–80% cost savings

34 Thank you!  For more information…  Contact the presenter: Email: Twitter:  Go to  Veeam Blog  Veeam Forums FAQ:  Follow @Veeam on Twitter@Veeam  Contact your local Veeam ProPartner or a Veeam sales representative:

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