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3D Graphical Display Ararat Adamian Brian McDonald Tyler Blair Adrian Williams.

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1 3D Graphical Display Ararat Adamian Brian McDonald Tyler Blair Adrian Williams

2 Outline of Presentation Project objectives and purpose Implementation Block Diagrams Division of Labor Schedule Parts list Risks Critical Points Brian

3 Project objectives and purpose Primary Objective: Construct an 8x8x8 RGB LED cube with a programmable controller Controller will come with a preset demo as well as the ability to receive custom programs from the user The LED cube will provide a 3D display for the programmable content and will function as a “3D Simulator” Brian

4 Extensions The controller will interface with a USB flash drive The controller will have orientation modification capabilities on board. This would provide the user with the ability to zoom, shift or rotate the image. The controller can wirelessly communicate with other wireless devices (smart-phones, computers, ect.) Brian

5 Block Diagram Tyler

6 Block Diagram Cont’d Tyler

7 Microcontroller Ara

8 Atmega328 High Performance, Low Power 8-bit Microcontroller 32 KB of Flash, 2KB of RAM 1.8V-5.5V operating range 20 MHZ 23 Programmable I/O lines Ara

9 MAX7219 Serial input/output common-cathode display driver Able to control up 64 individual LED’s Each Chip will control 16 RGB LED’s Single Intensity Register 4.0 to 5.5 V operating range 2.25 ms Data-to-Segment Delay Ara

10 Circuit Diagram Ara

11 Implementation Micro-controller Atmega328 that will communicate with computer through USB Line controller MAX7219 8x8x8 LED cube Power Supply Ara

12 Cube Consist of 12 planes Each plane is 10” x 10” 1/16 “ thick 8 planes will have 64 3/16” holes spaced an inch apart 4 other planes will enclose the sides of cube Material Clear Acrylic Plexiglas Tyler

13 RGB LED’s 20 mA Forward Current 30 mA Peak Forward Current 1.8V to 2.2V Forward Voltage 4 pin LED Red Green Blue Cathode 7 different colors Tyler

14 Power Supply LM2678 3.3V, 5V, and 12V fixed output Capable of driving up to 5A loads High efficiency (92%) LM2575 3.3V, 5V, 12V, and 15V fixed output Guaranteed 1A output current High Efficiency Ara

15 Software Demos 5 demo programs will be preloaded on the cube User-defined Programs MATLAB Creates a text file Send file to controller via USB Arduino Library’s LED Control Library Wi-Shield Library Brian

16 Demo

17 Division of Labor Group MemberTasks Ararat Adamian Programming the microcontroller Programming the WiFi interface to communicate with wireless peripherals (e.g. smartphones). Brian McDonald Interfacing with the computer. All Soldering Tasks Tyler Blair Designing the high-current switching power supply to efficiently power the LEDs. Physical construction of the cube Adrian Williams Designing the PCB Completing all documentation. Adrian

18 Schedule Task Name Order/Receive Parts Construct 8x2x2 single-color LED plane for testing Construct 8x8 RGB LED plane Connect Plane to Max7219 chips (breadboard) Program micro-controller to display graphics on plane Test Functionality Expand plane to 8x8x8 LED cube Connect cube to Max7219 chips(breadboard) Design PCB Program micro-controller to display graphics on cube Solder PCB and finalize box for cube Create software (Matlab)/wireless/USB interface to cube Create Power supply Final Testing/Documentation CDR Milestone 1 Milestone 2 Expo Adrian

19 Critical points Milestone 1 PCB designed and ordered Power supply finished All planes are finished Micro-controller is being programmed Milestone 2 Hardware is completely built and tested Software is being designed to interface with cube USB/Wireless interfaces are being built Documentation is being completed Expo Everything is completed and works perfect Adrian

20 Cost of Parts QuantityPart DescriptionPrice ($)Vendor 600RGB LEDs 5mm359.70Sparkfun 24MAX72190.00Maxim(sampled) 1Atmega328P5.50Sparkfun 1FT232RL3.95Sparkfun 1LM25750.00Previously Owned 1LM26780.00 National Semiconductor(Sampled) 1USB Female Type B Connector1.25Sparkfun 121/16" Plexiglas (10” x 10” each)28.00Colorado Plastics 1AsyncLabs WIshield0.00Previously Owned Various components60.00 Sparkfun, JP Saunders, Home Depot Total$458.40 Adrian

21 Risks Project is heavily hardware orientated Time constraints Feasibility of extensions Unfamiliarity with WiFi technology Power requirements Heat dissipation LEDs are too bright or not bright enough Adrian


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