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Reaching Underserved Military Youth University of Florida IFAS/ Extension…

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1 Reaching Underserved Military Youth University of Florida IFAS/ Extension…

2 Florida’s Joint Military Advisory Team Community Advocate and member of our team since 2009, Scott Sevin, 7-dippity, Inc Scott Sevin, 7-dippity, Inc introduced Our team to a State Conference for Special Needs known as Family Café. His company also created our HomeTown Heros coloring book for Florida military youth.

3 What is Family Café? Non-profit organization that provides education and connect services for families with special needs children. Youth Entertainment Workshops for providers, parents and youth Huge exhibit hall with displays and entertainment

4 Connecting with Family Café 2011

5 2011 Workshops Interactive Informative OMK Teens

6 Planning for 2012  OMK wrote/received a L/RSN grant to expand and build our Network of Resources for our Florida Military Community  Pre-Family Café about 56 providers and 3 special needs military families participated in a first ever military conference for special needs as the focus.

7 Connecting the 2 Events Military Pre-Conference 56 participants – Wednesday afternoon – Thursday all day – Friday morning Family Café 7,000 participants – Friday all day – Saturday all day – Sunday morning

8 Registration of the Military Conference Ms. Buenita Lee, FAMU Extension greeted participants and was a part of the planning and workshop representing our 1890 Schools.

9 Exhibits at Pre-Conference

10 Military Conference Highlights 2012 Group activity and introductions Commonalities (4-H 101) Dr. Maria V. Barkmeier, Dr. Maria V. Barkmeier, Program Analyst, Office of Community Support for Military Families With SpecialNeeds OSN/DoD

11 Conni Wells, President, Axis Group I Disaster Planning: Military Families with Special Needs Panel Discussions Military Family Panel School Liaisons Panel Exceptional Family Member Program Panel

12 Florida Youth Council Presentation

13 Curtis Jenkins, School Counseling Consultant, Student Support Services Project/USF, Florida Department of Education Latricia Smith, Parent/Child Find Specialist, FDLRS Action Resource Center Andrea McCarter, Child Find/Parent Specialist Individual Education Programs (IEP) and Response to Intervention/Instruction (RtI): Things to Know

14 Family Café Conference Lori Fahey, Executive Director, Family Café

15 EVALUATION Attendees: 56 providers attended 4 military special needs families 15 State Military Advisory Team Overall: On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest the conference scored 4.3 Summary Report Handout

16 What We Learned SLOs and EFMP from all branches meet in training together for the first time Discovery that Guard does not have support specific in schools or EFMP – Florida SLOs (Air Force, Navy and Army) offered their service Needed is standardize service within all branches More information for families on I.E.P.

17 What We Will Do Created a Face Book page for our power points, photos and a place to discuss. Meet quarterly on a conference call with part in- service for participants. Share resources and webinars from each other Expand our outreach to additional providers in Miami area

18 Looking to June 2013 Less funds, not able to bring a face to face training Military service providers to teach at Family Café - SLO, EFMP, Dr Maria, Department of Education and OMK 4-H will provide workshops for adults wanting to start a club and workshops for all youth on various project areas.

19 It’s all about serving ALL Florida Military Families!

20 Resources Facebook Photos by Georgene Bender Handouts: Summary Report Military Conference Agenda Developed and presented by Dale Pracht, 4-H Military Liaison and Georgene Bender, OMK Project Director University of Florida IFAS


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