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MSA D1 Managers Meeting September 18, 2010. Welcome Bob Gilbert VP-President, Division 1, Mississippi Soccer Please place your phones on silent or vibrate.

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1 MSA D1 Managers Meeting September 18, 2010

2 Welcome Bob Gilbert VP-President, Division 1, Mississippi Soccer Please place your phones on silent or vibrate mode

3 Introductions David Dodd – MSA President Barbra Brent – MSA Registrar Brent Clements – MSA Executive Director

4 Purpose and Goal Provide instruction for our MSA Division 1 team managers. Provide an open forum to discuss MSA, Regional and National Cup policies

5 MSA Office Information Office Location and address: The MSA Office is located at: 628 Lakeland East Dr. Suite 1D Flowood, MS 39232 Office Phones, Fax and E-mail: The Phone number is 601-420-6055 The Fax number is 601-420-6054 E-mail: Website: Office Hours: The Office is open Monday thru Friday from 9:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. The Office is closed during normal holidays, so plan ahead!

6 Effective Use of the MSA Office Staff Imagine!!!! You think you've got challenges managing 18 players.... We manage 25,000 players… Don’t expect same day service, be appreciative though, if you happen to get it! Player Passes submitted on Friday will be processed on Monday

7 MSA Office Do’s and Don’ts Do come prepared. Bring everything you need to conduct business. Have everything as complete as it can be. Do be civil. The staff members are often working under tight deadlines themselves. If you have messed up and need some assistance, explain it to them. They may have solutions.

8 MSA Office Do’s and Don’ts The staff is never authorized to bend the rules, overlook anything, “just this once”, or anything else unethical, illegal or immoral. They have very strict instructions not to deviate from those policies without consulting the appropriate MSA officer Don’t expect something to be done for you just because you just walked in. The staff generally works on scheduled projects and other matters that have come in on a first-in, first-out basis.

9 MSA Office Do’s and Don’ts Don’t fabricate stories. Fess up and the staff will do their best to help you out, without breaking the rules or policies. The staff does not have the authority to waive any fees or make exceptions to the rules. Do not ask staff to comment on discipline or confidential matters. They have instructions not to enter into those types of discussions nor disclose information that they may obtain in the course of their duties.

10 MSA Office Do’s and Don’ts If you feel that you aren’t getting appropriate service from any staff member, contact the MSA President, David Dodd, at and give specific details as to your issue.

11 Top 10 things Managers can do that will avoid issues for them and the MSA Staff Or what can I do to make things easier for all of us?

12 Top 10 things Managers can do that will avoid issues for them and the MSA Staff Following Provided Instructions i.e. the instructions regarding the webinar said to advise the MSA Office at about attending the Meeting. Most hit reply or reply to all creating the need to forward the information on to the office where they compile that info. Creates more work and slows the staff down

13 Top 10 things Mgrs can do that will avoid issues for them and the MSA Staff Contacting the Division 1 VP, Office or staff regarding schedule (or other) issues Managers should work through their Club’s Division I VP or Club Contact The office staff and VP can work easier with 9 contacts instead of 140, and many times the Club Official already knows the answer to the issues

14 Top 10 things Managers can do that will avoid issues for them and the MSA Staff Reporting Discipline Correctly and On Time Reporting is due by the 10 th of the month, no need to wait until the 10 th. Put a reminder in your phone, computer and PDA Premier League Teams do not report cards earned in Premier League Games they report to the Premier League for those cards. Do not report cards in US Club Tournaments You must report every month…. Even if your team did not play

15 Top 10 things Managers can do that will avoid issues for them and the MSA Staff Uploading Correct Size and Formatted Pictures Pictures should be shot close, taller than wide Players face should be highly visible Pictures taken from a distance cause the office to copy the picture, resize the pictures and re-upload in your account, or call you to redo the pictures This slows your turnaround and everyone else’s as well

16 Top 10 things Managers can do that will avoid issues for them and the MSA Staff Failing to uploading Coach or Managers Pictures This holds up shipping of your passes, they will not be shipped until all players, coaches and managers on the roster are complete

17 Top 10 things Mgrs can do that will avoid issues for them and the MSA Staff Mail or Fax Your Team’s Birth Certificates MSA verifies every single Division I player’s birth certificate to insure that the player is correctly registered Any player new to your team should have a birth certificate faxed to the office After the staff verifies, they are shredded

18 Top 10 things Managers can do that will avoid issues for them and the MSA Staff Do Not Create Your Own Team Account in GotSoccer This should only be done by the Club Registrar If you do this, your team is not connected to MSA or even your own club. This means that everything that you have done will have to be redone by the club registrar or you will have to pay GotSoccer to merge the accounts, costing time and money

19 Top 10 things Managers can do that will avoid issues for them and the MSA Staff Provide Accurate Credit Card Information Please be careful when keying in credit or debit card information Wrong info or declined cards cause any process to be slowed down or stopped League and Tournaments CANNOT be scheduled until everything is complete

20 Top 10 things Managers can do that will avoid issues for them and the MSA Staff Send League Game Reports Within 1 Day of the Completion of the Game If this is not done, it slows down the scoring and seeding of the League If this is not done, It slows down Referee payment This makes it harder to convince referees to cover future league games

21 Top 10 things Managers can do that will avoid issues for them and the MSA Staff Avoid Waiting Until the Very Last Minute Just because a deadline may state 5:00 PM on a certain date, does not mean that you should wait until 4:58 PM on that date to do it. The more teams that do that, the more it slows down MSA’s ability to get you information in a timely manner

22 Questions ???

23 Player Passes All team players from the three playing divisions must have a player pass for all interstate games in which he/she participates for their team. If a player does not have one, he/she cannot play in the game. All Division I rostered players, as of September 30th of each Seasonal Year, must have their approved U.S. Youth Soccer Association Player Passes prior to October 1 in order to play in all intrastate/interstate games after this date. All players added or transferred to a Division I team, on or after October 1, must obtain a player pass prior to playing in any intrastate or interstate games, effective fourteen (14) days after the issue date of the player pass.

24 Transfer and Releases ANY player movement to and from one team or organization to another requires a release or transfer It is a misconception that U14’s and above do not need releases or transfers That age group can only be denied if the play owes a financial obligation or is under suspension

25 Transfer and Releases Players that are not currently registered or rostered on a team must obtain a RELEASE If the Player is on a roster, then they must obtain a TRANSFER The difference is important, as there are limits to the number of transfers a team may have

26 Transfer and Releases A player transfer in any MSA playing division must receive MSA approval at least fourteen (14) days prior to the first date of player participation on the new team for MSA Sponsored Tournaments or MSA League Play. The player may play within their own league for the purposes of their own inter league play after seven days. A team shall be limited to a total of five (5) transferred players per seasonal year. A player shall be limited to a total of one (1) transfer per seasonal year.

27 Transfer and Releases Transfer/Add Players: Previously rostered players on a Division I team may not participate in league games within 14 days of being transferred onto the team. Recreational or previously non-rostered players added to a Division I team may participate in league play irrespective of the 14 day wait period.

28 Questions ???

29 BREAK 10 minutes please…..

30 Monthly Discipline Reporting We will continue to report discipline through the MSA Discipline System – NOT GOTSOCCER Go to the D1 Link and click on Managers utilities Select your team from the dropdown and enter your password. It is the first 5 digits of your GotSoccer Team Account Password Report cards before the 10 th of each month

31 Monthly Discipline Reporting Report cards for any USYS Game or Tournament DO NOT report cards for any game you attended as a US Club Team Premier League Teams – Do not report cards earned in Premier League to MSA, report them to the Premier League Report each month EVEN IF YOUR TEAM DID NOT PLAY DURING THAT MONTH

32 LEAGUE GAMES Rule 106. PRECEDENCE OF GAMES - National Championships competitions games shall take precedence over all other youth games. This means that League games, the qualifying matches for the National Championship Competitions, take precedence over ANY other tournament or friendly match.

33 Requesting League Games for U11-U13’s U11's through U13's self schedule their own games. After the conferences are set and all teams have registered for the League in GotSoccer and paid their bond, the Division I Vice President will create the pairings for the conferences. these will be loaded into the system and given game id numbers. Teams will use the online U11 - U13 Game Request Form to request games. This form advises the State League Assignor to obtain referees. After approval by the Division I Vice President, those games will appear on the League Game Schedule.U11 - U13 Game Request Form

34 Requesting League Games for U11-U13’s Teams must include their Team Name and Team number and MUST have obtained a field before submitting the request. The system will not let us schedule without an actual Field Name or Number. Contact the MSA office if you have any questions : 601-420-6055MSA office

35 Requesting League Games for U11-U13’s Step By Step Contact the opposing team manager Agree on date and time Contact field coordinator and obtain a field Enter the Game Request into the system at least 4 days prior to the game. Any game requested after COB Wednesday will not have referees assigned for that weekend The MSA U11-U13 Referee Assignor will obtain Referees After the game is approved, it will appear in the Got Soccer League system with the appropriate date, time and field

36 See Schedules and Standings Use these buttons to see your teams schedule and standings. You may also be able to see the same information from your team account in GotSoccer

37 To Play in State Cup The team must compete in at least a 4- team approved league during the current seasonal year in its State Association, US Youth Soccer Regional League, US Youth Soccer National League, except for the U-19 age group for boy’s and girl’s. The league competition must consist of a minimum of one game against each of 3 different teams participating in the league.

38 Hosting Friendly Games Host Requirements for Member Tournament or Games Any member who wishes to host a local tournament or games that will include teams from outside of Mississippi or MSA (often called “friendlies”) must complete the U.S. Youth Soccer Application to Host Tournaments or Games on-line at the MSA website.

39 Hosting Friendly Games Is it a Tournament or Friendlies? MSA Policy 104.8.8 A soccer event in which teams are invited and pay a fee to play, winners are declared and awards are given, shall be deemed a tournament. Further, any event of “friendly” Games that have more than 6 teams in a single age group, shall be declared a tournament.

40 Hosting Friendly Games No Friendly Games will be approved on MSA District or State Tournament Weekends You may travel out of state to play friendlies

41 Questions ???

42 Travel Under no circumstances are you to let any team official, manager, coach, or other state official convince you that it is not necessary or required by MSA to have a Travel Permit or Notification of Travel for any Out-of-State match. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, FOR ANY TYPE OF GAME

43 Travel Permits/Notifications From the MSA website -

44 Travel Permits/Notifications Do not travel without completing either of those forms MSA routinely monitors out of state Tournaments and all Got Soccer Tournaments and events participants are visible to MSA

45 Travel Permits/Notifications Not required for In State Games Determine if the event is USYS Sanctioned If yes, select Permission to Travel If not, select Notification of Travel If it is not a USYS event your insurance is not in effect and you must notify your parents of that fact

46 Other Travel Forms From the MSA website -

47 Questions ???

48 Important Dates September 1, 2010 Seasonal Year Begins September 1, 2010 Deadline to Declare Premier/Classic U11 - U13's Only September 15, 2010 Sign Up for League Games - GotSoccer All Bond Fees Due

49 Important Dates October 1, 2010 All Referee Fees Due November 27 - 28, 2010 Boys and Girls ODP Try Outs Statewide Freeze Date January 21 - 22, 2011 MSA Winter Workshop Vicksburg, MS January 23, 2011 MSA Annual General Meeting Vicksburg, MS

50 Important Dates February 19 - 20, 2011 League games U14 – U18 Location TBA March 13, 2011 All U11 - U13 Games Must Be Complete Any Games Not Complete Will Be Scheduled By D1 VP March 27 - 28, 2011 ODP Freeze All Named ODP Players

51 Important Dates TBA League games - U14- U18 Boys & Girls TBA – Rain out, If Needed April 11, 2011 Division 1 League Ends May 13, 2011 Last Day For D1 Transfers May 26, 2011 Last Day To Add Non- Registered Players May 19, 2011 U19 Teams Must Have Minimum Roster Completed

52 Important Dates May 28 - 29, 2011 MSA State Cup - Part 1 U11 - U17 Gulfport, Ms May 31, 2011 Regional (State Cup Champions) Rooming List Due to MSA Office May 31, 2011 State Cup Finalists Declare for Regional Presidents Cup June 1, 2011 Division 1 Letters of Intent June 4 - 5, 2011 MSA State Cup - Part 2 U18, U19 Boys & Girls TBA June 16 - 20, 2011 USYS Regionals Murfreesboro, TN

53 Questions ???

54 Wrap -UP We at MSA are always open to suggestions and constructive input. Thank You for what you do for all of our children.

55 MSA D1 Managers Meeting September 18, 2010

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