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Page 1 Boscombe Strategic Assessment 21 st July 2011.

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1 Page 1 Boscombe Strategic Assessment 21 st July 2011

2 Page 2 Agenda 1. Introduction to our work 2. Boscombe – emerging picture 3. Current challenges 4. Opportunities 5. Further work 6. Key questions and discussion

3 Page 3 Introduction to our work The purpose of our analysis is to …. Provide a summary of available data Produce an analysis of the data and Use data, maps and analysis to tell the story of Boscombe This will help you to…. Develop a strategy and action plan following our full report Target resources effectively Bid for additional resources Improve outcomes for Boscombe Identify indicators to monitor progress

4 Page 4 Boscombe - Emerging Picture The Story so far…. Demographics  Older than average population  Mosaic lifestyle type 33 ‘transient singles, poorly supported by families and neighbours’  Place Survey 2008/09 found those in Boscombe West (55% ) are the least likely in the borough to be satisfied with their local area as a place to live Deprivation  Four of the five Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs) in Boscombe West are in the 10% most deprived in England  Boscombe Central is the most deprived LSOA in the South West  The least deprived LSOA in the ward is along the seafront and it is in the bottom 20% nationally

5 Page 5 Boscombe - Emerging Picture The Story so far…. Economy, Skills and Wellbeing  High level of benefit dependency, mainly to cover housing costs  Unemployment higher than Bournemouth average  Significant student community  Local employment opportunities are low wage and low skill  Main sectors are retail and services, health care  Dominance of small businesses  Local shopping area – high levels of unit vacancy  Attractive architecture - shopping arcade  Hotels and guest houses cater for visitors

6 Page 6 Boscombe - Emerging Picture The Story so far…. Crime and community Safety  Crime levels are low generally in Bournemouth but higher in Boscombe  Perception and fear of crime are higher – resident priority  High levels of concern in Boscombe about anti-social behaviour, people being drunk and rowdy in public places, drug use and drug dealing, and people not feeling safe  Anti social behaviour linked to the night time economy  Sex workers

7 Page 7 Boscombe – Emerging Picture The Story so far…. Health  Life expectancy in Boscombe West ward is the lowest in the borough  Over 13.5% of residents describe their health as not good – highest in the borough  The ward contains four of the five most deprived LSOAs in the borough for health deprivation Education, Children and Young People  Two LSOAs in Boscombe West are in the bottom 20% for education related deprivation – the other three LSOAs are in the next 20%  Over half of the LSOAs in Bournemouth are in the most deprived 40% for education related deprivation in England  All five LSOAs in Boscombe West are within the bottom 40% for child poverty – four out of five are in the bottom 20%

8 Page 8 Boscombe – Emerging Picture The Story so far…. Housing and Environment  High proportion of small homes  High proportion of private rented homes  Quality of private housing poor  Transient community – reflecting imbalance in the housing stock and residents’ needs  Physical Regeneration along the sea front  Refurbished links between the sea front and the Christchurch Road  Boscombe Chine  Pier/ Spa village

9 Page 9 Current Challenges The Story so far…. Challenges  Private Rented Sector housing quality  Underlying deprivation  Transient population/Stuck population  Anti-social behaviour associated with the night time economy  Breaking the cycle  Relocation of problems from regenerated areas to other places  Agencies focused on issues  Reputation  Area attractive to people presenting the same challenges

10 Page 10 Opportunities The Story so far…. Opportunities  Boscombe Pier and Spa  Boscombe Chine  Crime Reduction  Homelessness Reduction  Qualifications  Access to Services  Conservation Areas  Improvements in Energy Efficiency

11 Page 11 Further work The Story will be developed further when we have reviewed….  Fire Service data  Migrant information  Homelessness resources  Detailed JSNA information for Boscombe  Mental Health data  Adult Social Care data  Supporting People data  Probation Activity data  Drug and Alcohol treatment information  Children and Young People data including risk and attainment

12 Page 12 Current Challenges (and opportunities?)  Funding restrictions  Legislative changes e.g. benefit regime; planning system; localism  Maintaining momentum  Different partnership environment e.g. Dorset LEP; GP Consortia  Neighbourhood Planning  Community Right to Bid  Private Sector investment  Social housing  Community Infrastructure

13 Page 13 Key Questions and Discussion Points  What has worked in the past and can be built on?  What mapping will be most useful for you as a spur to action?  Hotspots around mental health, drugs and homelessness?  Other issues e.g. children at risk and fires?  Community and partnership assets?  Changes in deprivation over time?

14 Page 14 Deprivation - Bournemouth and Poole

15 Page 15 Deprivation - Children and Young People

16 Page 16 Example – crime map

17 Page 17 Contact Details Suki Coe 07990 755323 Elizabeth Hale 07500 015871

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