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The AEAP Process. Focus on 2 AEAP applications Bailey - a small community in the mountainsAurora – a large city next to Denver Applied for funds for 3.

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1 the AEAP Process

2 Focus on 2 AEAP applications Bailey - a small community in the mountainsAurora – a large city next to Denver Applied for funds for 3 of the incidents Columbine High School was before AEAP but federal funds were received. Five incidents where Colorado considered applying for AEAP/federal funds.

3 ◦ The beginnings of the AEAP process (April 20, 1999)  13 deaths (excluding perpetrators)  21 injured  Approximately 2,000 students


5 Youth With a Mission and New Life Church shooting December 9, 2007 Youth With a Mission Arvada Two killedTwo injured 80 students evacuated New Life Church Colorado Springs (70 miles away from YWAM) Two killed (excluding perpetrator) Three injured 7,000 on church grounds at time of shooting





10 Gunman enters Platte Canyon High School and takes six female students hostage Kills one student, Emily Keyes, and then himself when law enforcement broke down classroom door 800 students from high school and nearby middle school evacuated

11 Next Steps Contact the primary agency(ies) Role of the State VOCA agency Initial Needs Leadership Team Communication Watching as events happen…

12 Needs Prior to AEAP Funds Staff of Reunification/Family Assistance Center Urgent Call Center Crisis Counselors Identification of victims/survivors Bringing family members to your state Media calls Interpreters Culturally specific community agencies Mental Health Counselors Housing Support services for first responders

13  Mental Health Counselor on site at school  Drop in Center near school  Outreach/Education Coordinator  Memorials  “Hotline”  Ongoing community  Help for parents addressing issues with kids

14 Applied for AEAP Funds Twice

15 Writing the application Challenges Boots on the ground DCJ worked with all agencies to assess immediate & long term needs Assigned tasks Convened a team to assess immediate needs

16 Crisis Response Assistance Grant - $97,921 Consequence Management Assistance Grant - $176,266 Emergency short term hiring of school based part-time employees Mental health counselor Outreach education counselor School coordinator CARE group facilitator Reference guide development Supplies and operating


18 12 victims lost their lives Over 70 victims injured Hundreds of other victims witnessed the massacre

19 OVC called OVP to coordinate application effort OVP consulted with other AEAP funded states about their state’s needs OVP worked on securing OJP funding for law enforcement (overtime expenses) – outside of AEAP On July 23, 2012

20 “Community Healing: A City- wide approach” meeting occurred to coordinate community healing and resources (August 23, 2012) OVP informed relevant agencies about the AEAP grant OVP also reached out to all agencies possibly eligible for AEAP assistance

21 Following many meetings and conversations, 8 agencies requested to be part of the AEAP application 3 law enforcement agencies Mental health center District Attorney’s Office Statewide victim service organization City of Aurora Judicial Department

22 Provided to OVC draft portions of anticipated expenses on August 31, 2012 The AEAP application was filed on January 2, 2013 On February 5, 2013, OVP received approval of the AEAP application for $2,938,890

23 District Attorney’s Office Personnel Supplies and operating Victims’ Travel (including hearings, trial/sentencing) Consultants (interpreters) Communication systems (go to meeting, go to webinar, phone alert system)

24 Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA) Personnel Supplies and operating Travel (for COVA advocates) Consultants Case management system Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Department Personnel (for victim safety at courthouse)

25 City of Aurora Overtime for officers (victim-related) Supplies and operating (vigil, community event) Consultants (counseling for 1 st responders) Other (anniversary memorial event, best practices report) Judicial District Administrator Closed circuit TV system Shuttle service for victims to court Consultants (interpreters) Other (victim child care expenses)

26 Aurora Mental Health Center Personnel (reimbursement of expenses immediately following tragedy) Supplies and operating Travel for staff Consultants (therapists for trial) Denver Police Dept & Jefferson County SO Reimbursement for victim advocate over- time on 7/20

27 AEAP applicants have expended approximately 47% ($1,393,368) of the $2,938,890 award. The remaining monies to assist victims for services and expenses related to the on- going prosecution (travel, shuttle services, security, child care, etc.) Any unused funds will be returned to OVC

28 Asking other states to provide copies of successful AEAP applications Collaborating with OVC and other states to identify needed, allowable expenses for an AEAP application OVP as the single point of contact with OVC Immediate and constant communication with OVC (expenses related) Constant communication with potential subgrantees Once approved, the process is very similar to all other OVC grants (semi-annual progress reports) AEAP was able to provide much needed expenses

29 From the beginning, provide expectations to subgrantees (AEAP process takes some time) Have a process in place for immediate needs (subgrantees might not be in a position to hire staff until AEAP grant is secured) Provide more guidance to subgrantees on allowable and reasonable expenses (initial “screening”)

30 Take into account events where there is an active prosecution issues related to court- imposed gag orders, identifying victims, etc. [had to get a court order to allow COVA to communicate with DA’s Office to serve victims. Develop a one page “sample” sheet to distribute to agencies with generally approved AEAP expenses (including per diem, consultant rates, etc.) Tool kit for mass tragedies in Colorado

31 Draft, secure and administer AEAP grant Provide supplemental Victim Compensation monies Provide VOCA Assistance monies if applicable Provide technical assistance Coordinate reports to OVC Provide other services as requested by the community

32 Communities throughout Colorado have responded to a variety of crisis incidents that have included mass casualties and fatalities. This toolkit has been developed to help communities develop a comprehensive response to these types of incidents using the best practices from around Colorado and the country. This toolkit is intended to be used as a guide for victim services personnel when initiating a community plan to address a victim services response. This toolkit focuses on mass crisis incidents that are associated with a criminal event as well as the victim assistance response that will be provided to the victims of the crime. It does not specifically address non-criminal natural disasters, fires, pandemics or other incidents that affect masses of people. However, this toolkit can be utilized for many types of crisis as the emergency management team in each county extensively plans for many types of issues.


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