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Chapter 16: WWII & It's Aftermath

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1 Chapter 16: WWII & It's Aftermath
Section 3: The Holocaust

2 The Holocaust Schutzstaffel = Security Squadron (SS) Rounded up the Jews

3 Persecution Begins Pages:

4 Persecution Begins HOLOCAUST The systematic murder of 11 million people across Europe, ½ were Jews RACIAL PURITY

5 Persecution Begins JEWS TARGETED (543)
Jews were not the only victims of the Holocaust, but they were the main targets of the Nazis Anti-Semitism = hatred of Jews Hitler said the Jews were responsible for Germany’s economic problems and Germany’s defeat after WWI

6 Persecution Begins JEWS TARGETED (con’t)
Nuremberg Laws – stripped Jews of their German citizenship, jobs, and property Jews had to wear bright yellow Star of David

7 Persecution Begins Kristallnacht “Night of Broken Glass” (543)
November 9-10, 1938 Nazi storm troopers attacked Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues Nazis blamed the Jews for the destruction

8 Persecution Begins A FLOOD OF JEWISH REFUGEES (543-544)
Jews fleeing Germany had trouble finding nations to accept them France said NO Britain said NO USA said NO because Americans worried that Jews would take their Jobs Also, Americans worried that the Jews were “enemy agents”

9 Persecution Begins THE PLIGHT OF THE ST. LOUIS (544)
St. Louis was a German ocean liner The St. Louis brought Jews to America but America refused and told them to go back to Europe When the ship got back to Europe ½ of the passengers were killed in the Holocaust

10 Hitler's "Final Solution"

11 Hitler's "Final Solution"
THE FINAL SOLUTION Genocide – the killing of all Jews in EUROPE not just in Germany

12 Hitler's "Final Solution"
THE CONDEMNED (545) Jews Communists, socialists, liberals Anyone who spoke out against the German Government

13 Hitler's "Final Solution"
THE CONDEMNED (con’t) Gypies – Nazis said they were an inferior race Freemasons – Nazis said they were part of the “Jewish Conspiracy” to rule the world Jehovah’s Witnesses – would not join German army or salute Hitler

14 Hitler's "Final Solution"
THE CONDEMNED (con’t) Homosexuals, mentally ill, incurably ill, and the physically disabled Hitler felt the above groups were unfit for the master “Aryan Race”

15 Hitler's "Final Solution"
FORCED RELOCATION (545) Jews were ordered to live in the ghettos The ghettos were sealed off with barbed wire and stone walls

16 Hitler's "Final Solution"
CONCENTRATION CAMPS (546) They were labor camps Families were separated Those put in the camps worked from dawn to dusk If you were too weak to work you were killed


18 THE FINAL STAGE Concentration Camps
Murder by poison gas started in 1942

Germans built six death camps in Poland Auschwitz was the largest death camp USED Poison Gas, 12,000 killed a day You were shot, hanged, or injected with poisonous gas Medical Experiments were performed on the Jews

Roughly six million Jews died in the death camps Some Jews escaped through the help of ordinary people who were appalled by the Nazis


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