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Motorcycles Bicyclists Buses Funeral Processions Pedestrians Trucks & others.

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2 Motorcycles Bicyclists Buses Funeral Processions Pedestrians Trucks & others

3 What should you look for when driving near a bicyclist?  Watch for them going through stop signs  Riding on the wrong side of the street  young children who do not know the rules of the road  As a bike rider at night- you should use a headlight that is visible up to 500 feet  How do you pass a bike rider?

4 Sharing the Road with Buses LOCAL AND SCHOOL BUSES Must you stop for a LOCAL bus picking up or dropping off passengers?

5 Where did the other half go?

6 Funeral Processions  The lead car of a funeral procession must stop at a red light or a stop sign  All other cars can proceed without stopping  It is illegal to break into the line of cars in a funeral procession click for cell phone etiquette video

7 If an emergency vehicle is approaching what should vehicles do? Move to the Right for Sirens and Lights! If there is heavy traffic you should move in the direction other drivers are moving

8 Pedestrians

9 Children and older persons are most at risk for being hit- Why? Now that’s gotta hurt! Make sure you look both ways!

10 TRUCKS: Following large trucks  NO ZONES  How can you stay out of a truckers blind spot?  When and How do you pass a large truck safely? –when they shift gears to gain speed

11 NO ZONE!  Trucks making right turns- What should you do to avoid conflict?

12 What about this genius?

13 What do you predict this video is about and why?

14 Confirm your predictions  Were you on track with your predictions?  What part(s) in the video supported your predictions?  Write a one sentence summary of the video

15 Motorcycles: What can we as driver’s do to protect them?  Where should we look for them?  In your blind spot  Tailgating Motorcyclists  Size of the motorcycle  Traveling in Groups

16 Predict a motorcycle driver’s actions  Because they maneuver better, they will move quickly into an open space you may be planning on occupying  Give them as much space as you can  Do not tailgate  Approaching too fast and too close can startle the biker and cause them to lose control

17 Understanding Motorcyclists and Motorcycles: What makes them different than cars?  Drivers may be inexperienced  They may try to dart in and out of traffic  Motorcycles can be hard to control in certain weather or road conditions- when is rain the most dangerous?

18 How can motorcyclists protect themselves?  Receive proper training and instruction  Wear protective equipment, such as: –helmet –eye-wear –heavy shoes, boots –pants –gloves  Make themselves visible in their lane- how can they do this? –Drive in lane position 2- avoid oil in middle of lane –Do not ride between lanes –Wear reflective tape on jacket or helmet

19 SAFE OR UNSAFE?  Riding in the wheel tracks of the vehicle ahead of you  Applying too much front brake  Increase following distance  riding on a lane line  crossing RR tracks at a right angle  passing in an intersection  keeping headlights on  High amount of injuries and death to motorcyclists  Increasing your following distance when following a large truck provides more visibility  A helmet restricts a motorcyclists vision  When riding in groups motorcyclists should always be in a single file line CORRECT OR INCORRECT?

20 Sharing the Road with Others…


22 Be careful out there! Drive Defensively

23 Slide, Slide Slippery Slide!

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