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Small Sewing Equipment

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1 Small Sewing Equipment
Obj. 3.02 Apparel Construction Tools & Equipment Small Sewing Equipment

2 Measuring Equipment Tape Measure Sewing or Seam Gauge Yard Stick
Transparent Ruler Hem Gauge Skirt Marker

3 Tape Measure Purpose: Taking Body Measurements Measure Fabric
Measure Pattern Pieces

4 Sewing/Seam Guage Purpose: Measuring seam allowances & hems

5 Yard Stick Purpose: Measuring skirt hems &
tasks requiring long, rigid measure

6 Transparent Ruler Purpose: Measuring & marking- Buttonholes Pleats
Tucks Bias strips

7 Hem Guage Purpose: Marks straight & curved hems

8 Skirt Marker Purpose: Measure & mark hemlines with either pins or chalk

9 Pinning Equipment Silk Pins Ballpoint Pins Ball-headed Pins T-Pins
Pincushion (w/emery)

10 Silk Pins Made of stainless steel or brass Used with most fabrics

11 Ballpoint Pins Silk pin with a rounded point to enable pin to slip easily between strands of yarn, to prevent snags.

12 Ball-head Pins Pins with colorful glass or plastic heads
Easy to pick up

13 T-Pin Large T – shaped head Work well on: Loosely woven fabrics
Bulky fabrics Pile fabrics

14 Pincushion (with emery)
Pincushions provide a safe way to store pins for convenience. They come in many colors & shapes. To sharpen a dull pin, stick the pin in & out of the emery. Emery

15 Cutting Equipment Dressmaker Shears Sewing Scissors Pinking Shears
Embroidery Scissors Seam Ripper Thread Clipper Rotary Cutter

16 Shears & Scissors Dressmaker Shears Sewing Scissors Pinking Shears
Bent handle allows fabric to lie flat while cutting. Usually 7 t0 8 inches Sewing Scissors Small round handles Blade usually 4 to 6 inches Good for detail work: Clipping curves Corners Pinking Shears Zigzag edge: Finishes raw edge of seam Helps prevent raveling Not for cutting out pattern pieces. Embroidery Scissors 3 to 4 inches in length Very pointed tip Used for cutting: Buttonholes Trimming embroidery threads

17 Seam Ripper Purpose: Removes stitches with small blade. Blade lifts the tread away from the fabric before cutting.

18 Thread Clipper Spring-action blades Purpose: Clipping thread ends

19 Rotary Cutter Round retractable blade resembling a pizza cutter.
Makes straight clean cuts through multiple layers of fabric. Must be used with a special “self-healing” cutting mat.

20 Marking Equipment Fabric Marking Pen Tracing Wheel Tailor’s Chalk

21 Fabric Marking Pen Purpose: Marks Notches Darts Circles Squares
Disappears with water or evaporates after 48 hours.

22 Tracing Wheel Marks pattern symbols onto fabric.
Use a smooth edged wheel for delicate fabrics. Use a saw-toothed wheel for most other fabrics. Special waxed carbon paper for tracing is available in many colors.

23 Tailor’s Chalk Purpose: Mark pattern symbols onto fabric.
Small square or pencils will mark most fabrics. Markings can be brushed away or will disappear when pressed with an iron.

24 Thread Purpose: Mark pattern symbols.
Make simple hand-sewn stitches to mark construction lines on fabric.

25 Sewing Equipment Hand Sewing Needles Thimble Needle Threader Bodkin
Pointer Loop Turner

26 Hand Sewing Needles Needles vary in size from: 1- for (Course fabrics)
12- for (Fine fabrics) Purpose: Basting Hemming Applying fasteners Buttons Snaps/Hook & eyes

27 Thimble Metal or plastic tool to protect finger while hand sewing.
Available in different sizes. Indentions in thimble help hold needle while pushing the needle through fabric.

28 Needle Threader Small tool with thin wire to aid in threading a needle.

29 Bodkin Resembles a large, blunt needle Purpose:
Pulls cord or elastic through casings Elastic

30 Pointer Wooden tool with a pointed end for pushing out sharp corners on collars. Rounded edge is used for holding seam open while pressing.

31 Loop Turner A long metal rod with a hook. Purpose:
Turns bias tubing and casings right side out.

32 Pressing Equipment Iron Ironing Board Press Cloth Tailor’s Ham
Sleeve Board Seam Roll Point Presser

33 Iron & Ironing Board Iron- Metal appliance used to press & steam
fabrics during and after construction. Ironing Board- Level & sturdy surface with tight fitting cover & smooth padding.

34 Press Cloth Lightweight cloth for pressing fabrics.
Prevents – iron shine or glossy marking & scorching on certain fabrics.

35 Tailors Ham A firm round cushion used to press curved areas of a garment. Purpose: Darts Curved Seams

36 Sleeve Board Small ironing board around 20 inches long. Purpose:
Press narrow areas such as sleeves.

37 Seam Roll Long firm tubular cushion used for pressing long seams and small curved areas.

38 Point Presser A narrow wooden surface with a pointed end. Purpose:
Pressing collar points Curved & straight edges

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