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HAMLET Summary Hamlet is the prince of Denmark. His father has recently died.

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2 HAMLET Summary Hamlet is the prince of Denmark. His father has recently died.

3 HAMLET Summary His uncle, Claudius, has married his mother, Gertrud, and is the king now.

4 HAMLET Summary Hamlet's father appears as a ghost and tells him that he has to kill Claudius

5 HAMLET Summary GertrudClaudiusThe Ghost Hamlet

6 HAMLET Summary Hamlet is a person who always THINKS to decide what to DO.

7 HAMLET Summary He wants to kill Claudius.

8 HAMLET Summary He pretends to be mad because this could help him...... but the question remains throughout the play: Does he actually go mad?

9 HAMLET Summary Polonius is the chamberlain. Ophelia and Laertes are his daughter and son.

10 HAMLET Summary Claudius and Polonius want to know if Hamlet is mad with love for Ophelia.

11 HAMLET Summary (TO BE OR NOT TO BE solilloquy ) They hide and watch Hamlet when he thinks aloud about life and death

12 HAMLET Summary Hamlet designs a trick to prove that Claudius killed his father: some actors will perform a play where a king is murdered by his brother.

13 HAMLET Summary Hamlet watches Claudius's reaction. Claudius is frightened, leaves the theatre and starts to pray.

14 HAMLET Summary Hamlet tries to kill Claudius now but he stops: Claudius would go to heaven while his father is suffering in hell.

15 HAMLET Summary Hamlet confronts his mother. He says that it is a shame that she is married to Claudius, someone so inferior to her former husband (Hamlet's father).

16 HAMLET Summary Polonius is hearing from behind a curtain. Hamlet discovers him and kills him thinking that it is Claudius who is hiding there.

17 HAMLET Summary Ophelia goes mad and drowns in a river. Her brother, Laertes, is very sad.

18 HAMLET Summary Hamlet doesn't know Ophelia is dead and takes a walk in the fields.

19 HAMLET Summary He discovers someone who is digging a grave and finds Yorik's skull.

20 HAMLET Summary Yorik was a clown with whom Hamlet used to play as a child.

21 HAMLET Summary

22 The skull makes him reflect on the consequences of death.

23 HAMLET Summary The play ends with a long scene where Hamlet and Laertes fight with swords, apparently only for sport.

24 HAMLET Summary But Claudius and Laertes have put some poison in Hamlet's drink and on Laertes's sword.

25 HAMLET Summary After some confusions, Gertrud drinks the poison and dies and Laertes and Hamlet are killed by the sword. Before dying, Hamlet kills Claudius.

26 HAMLET Summary Denmark dies as a country, too: Fontinbras, king of Norway, who has conquered Poland, finds the royal family dead and takes power of the kingdom.

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