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Global History: Spiconardi

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1 Global History: Spiconardi
The Schism of 1054 Global History: Spiconardi

2 Origins Iconoclasm  Pope Gregory speaks out against Byzantine Empire’s iconoclast movement Western culture was evolving  Influence from Germanic tribes Eastern culture retained its Hellenistic and Greco-Roman culture

3 Origins Papacy vs. Secularism
Secularism  belief that religion should not enter into the functions of the state The East believed the pope claimed to have too much jurisdiction West took issue with Caesaropapism  subordination of the church to secular rulers

4 Origins The Filoque  Churches debated on the origin of the Holy Spirit

5 The Issues Roman Catholic Eastern Orthodox Mass said in Latin
Pope has authority over all bishops & secular leaders Priests may not marry Divorce is not permitted Mass said in Greek or vernacular Patriarchs and other bishops head the church as a group The emperor has authority over the patriarchs and bishops Priests may marry Divorce permitted under certain conditions

6 The Issues Unleavened or leavened bread? Eastern Rite Communion Bread
Western Rite Communion Wafers

7 The Schism of 1054 (The Great Schism)
In 1054 Pope Leo IX and the Patriarch (head bishop) of Constantinople excommunicated one another after emissaries could not reconcile during meetings Excommunication  depriving a member of the church the benefits and privileges of membership Pope Leo IX

8 The Schism of 1054 (The Great Schism)
The excommunications were void Pope Leo IX died before he officially served the excommunication Patriarch Michael Cerularius had no authority to excommunicate

9 The Schism of 1054 (The Great Schism)
Christendom splits into the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church Catholic  “universal” Orthodox  “right belief” Today the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Church are meeting in hopes of one day unifying the Church

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