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TAFE Queensland − meeting industry needs in the ASEAN region.

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1 TAFE Queensland − meeting industry needs in the ASEAN region

2 Session outline Where is Queensland? Introduction to TAFE Queensland TAFE Queensland’s industry engagement Case studies: Meat industry (Vietnam, Malaysia & Indonesia) Resource & mining industry (Russell Mineral Equipment) Australia-Pacific Technical College William Angliss Institute (ASEAN development) Questions?

3 Queensland – where are we

4 Population = 4 million (20% of Australian population) 2nd largest state (by area) in Australia Majority live along coastline – 50% in south-east Major regional areas – Cairns, Townsville, Toowoomba, Ipswich & Rockhampton World renowned natural attractions Multicultural atmosphere Warm, sunny climate Low crime rate and safe environment Queensland


6 TAFE Queensland 130 years’ experience $760m business entity From a dozen students to over 7 million students 89% graduates go on to employment or further study (highest rate in Australia)

7 Queensland – Where Are We

8 TAFE Queensland Six regions and over 55 sites across Queensland 180,000+ students annually, 500 programs, 300+ university pathways Over 170 CRICOS registered programs for international students 89% student satisfaction

9 TAFE Queensland Innovative and responsive to changing local and global skills needs Strong industry engagement to lead workforce development and critical skills identification Providing work-ready skills for immediate job outcomes

10 TAFE Queensland Wide variety of industry courses recognised throughout the world Supplying trained workers to a global economy Keeping pace with global industry trends

11 Regional co-operation (Australian Government) funded Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development staff training in animal welfare and hygienic slaughtering On-shore and off-shore workshop program – theory, practical, & industry site visits Meat Industry Workshop Program – Vietnam

12 Malaysia Government abattoir staff and managers Australian Government funded On shore workshop & off shore training in abattoir sites High satisfaction, outcomes achieved Meat industry workshop program – Malaysia

13 New 2-year program Action plan for Indonesian industry standards On-shore & off-shore training Meat industry program – Indonesia

14 Partnership with Russell Mineral Equipment Customised equipment, customised training Resource Sector – Machinery On-site or off-site Multiple sites across the globe

15 Government aid & development Skilled workers, employment opportunities, productivity Consortium arrangement Accredited Australian qualifications in targeted industry sectors Close industry linkages, 89% employer satisfaction Australia-Pacific Technical College

16 William Angliss Institute Initiatives with ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN Member States: Developing common ASEAN tourism curriculum and a regional qualifications framework & skills recognition system Developing 242 ‘toolboxes’ for each competency standard in the 6 labour divisions Feasibility study for the establishment of a Regional Secretariat for ASEAN Tourism Professionals Gap analysis on implementation of the Mutual Recognition Agreement on Tourism Professionals

17 William Angliss Institute Common ASEAN Tourism Curriculum The six agreed labour divisions are: 1.Front office 2.Housekeeping 3.Food production 4.Food & beverage service 5.Travel agencies 6.Tour operations

18 Thank you. Questions?

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