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Professora Francianne

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1 Professora Francianne
06/03 Professora Francianne

2 Simple Present x Present Continuous
Expressar gosto, aversão, acontecimentos gerais, hábitos e rotina Descrever uma ação que está acontecendo no momento presente I like romantic movies She does not love her ex-boyfriend They watch TV Peter always goes to the gym Sue eats fruits every day I am watching a romantic movie She is not loving him anymore They are watching TV right now Peter is going to the gym Sue is eating fruit today ALWAYS - NEVER EVERY DAY – MONTH – YEAR SOMETIMES – USUALLY – RARELY RIGHT NOW AT THIS MOMENT TODAY

3 VERB TO BE Affirmative S+V Negative S+V+NOT Question V+S 1ª pessoa
I am I am not Am I? 2ª pessoa You are You are not Are you? 3ª pessoa He/She/It is He/She/It is not Is he/she/it? We are We are not Are we? They are They are not Are they?

4 SIMPLE PRESENT Affirmative S+V Negative S+VA+NOT+VP Question VA+S+VP
1ª pessoa I play I do not play Do I play? 2ª pessoa You play You do not play Do you play? 3ª pessoa He/She/It playS He/She/It does not play Does he/she/it play? We play We do not play Do we play? They play They do not play Do they play?

5 Devemos acrescentar ES aos verbos terminados em
Regras + S Verbs + S PlayS EatS WalkS Devemos acrescentar ES aos verbos terminados em X, S, SS, SH, CH e O Fix Fixes Teach Teaches Miss Misses Go Goes Wash Washes Devemos substituir o Y por I e acrescentar ES aos verbos terminados em consoante + Y Study Studies Fly Flies HAVE HAS

6 PRESENT CONTINUOUS Affirmative S + Vtobe + V/ing Negative
S + Vtobe + NOT + V/ing Question Vtobe + S + V/ing 1ª pessoa I am eating I am not eating Am I eating? 2ª pessoa You are eating You are not eating Are you eating? 3ª pessoa He/She/It is eating He/She/It is not eating Is he/she/it eating? We are eating We are not eating Are we eating? They are eating They are not eating

7 Regras +ING Verbs + ING Playing Eating Walking Have -------- Having
Verbos terminados em E: retira-se o E e acrescenta-se o ING Have Having Write Writing ****Agree Agreeing Verbos monossilábicos terminados em C+V+C: dobra-se a consoante do final e acrescenta-se o ING Cut Cutting Stop Stopping Verbos terminados em IE: retira-se o IE e acrescenta-se o Y + ING Die Dying Lie Lying

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