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Procurement Process Hilary Porter Procurement Adviser BVSC.

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1 Procurement Process Hilary Porter Procurement Adviser BVSC

2 About the Procurement Public Contracts Regulations 2006 (as amended 2009) General principles: – Non-discrimination – Equal treatment – Transparency Advertised on Official Journal of European Union (OJEU) and Find It in Birmingham

3 About the Procurement Restricted Procedure – Selection: Pre-Qualification Questionnaire – Award: Invitation to Tender Framework Agreement split into Lots InTend e-procurement portal – Register and access documents at: – Messaging service – Single communication channel – Helpdesk facility for technical issues

4 Timescales (subject to change) Contract Notice Submit PQQ Evaluate PQQ Issue ITT Submit Tender Evaluate Tenders Evaluate Tenders Contract Award 29/4/146/6/149/6/14 – 13/6/14 16/6/1428/7/1431/7/14 – 29/8/14 01/10/14 BVSC Board approval and 10 day standstill period

5 Top Tips Use the In Tend e-tendering portal DO NOT email or telephone BVSC staff members directly Set up 2/3 nominated members of staff to access the e-tendering portal Read the instructions to bidders sections of the PQQ and ITT

6 Top Tips Raise any clarification questions during the clarification period Attachments – provide as necessary and reference and DO NOT include any information not expressly requested Read and answer the questions – look for key words such as ‘how’, ‘describe’, ‘evidence’

7 Top Tips DO NOT assume BVSC has any prior knowledge of your organisation or its activities – we are only allowed to evaluate on the basis of your response Refer any technical issues with InTend to the InTend Helpdesk facility Allow sufficient time to prepare and upload your submissions

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