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Poseidon 4002 Rack monitoring 1. Poseidon: Monitor & Control 2.

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1 Poseidon 4002 Rack monitoring 1

2 Poseidon: Monitor & Control 2

3 IT environment threats in DC Based on data from: 1) „Uptime Institute“ & „PROGNOSIS - Integrated Research“ for USA during 99.. 06. 2) American Power Conversion 2006 Poseidon 4002 Poseidon 4001 3

4 Fast reaction required  Energy consumption (and thus A/C needs) of data center has risen by 48% from 1999 to 2006. 4  For an average data center, the temperature rises from the usual 20°C to 30°C within 8.6 minutes after A/C failure.

5 Poseidon 4002: Features Web: Built-in web server Sensors: 4xRJ11 1-Wire UNI (max 12 probes) Inputs: 6 digital inputs (dry contacts) Outputs: 2 digital outputs (24VDC relays) GSM modem: External via RS-232 Mechanical: 1U (10" or 19" cabinet) 5

6 Sensors Four independent active sensor ports for 1-Wire UNI sensors. 6

7 Monitor your DC power 7 1)Monitor -48V DC voltage of the batteries 2)Monitor DC current 0..80A 600 413 Sensor 60V 1W-uni Galvanic isolated 1-Wire UNI sensor

8 Feature 1-Wire UNI sensors 8 AC 230V 0..30A probe Meassure current in separated phase wire 8 analog 0..15V 6 DI for dry contact

9 Prevent these situations 1)Air Conditioning system failure 2)Power system failures 3)Short-term as well as long-term temperature issues 4)Water leaks A/C units, pipeline, floods 5)Security issues Controlled access to equipment 9

10 Poseidon 4002 Tset Poseidon 4002 Tset is recommended starting package for monitoring your 19” rack or cabinet. There are included most popular parts in one package 600 384 Poseidon 4002 Tset: 600 346 Poseidon 4002 600 005 Temp-1Wire 3m 600 329 Temp-1Wire Rack19 600 377 L profile 19" size 600 080 12V Wall plug adaptor – EU 600 386 HWg PDMS 8 (SW license) Big HWg paper box 2 Manual + CD 10

11 Typical Application  Data centers  Telecom rooms  Network infrastructure  UPS monitoring  Rack monitoring  A/C monitoring and control 11

12 Poseidon 4002 Alarming SNMP SMS GSM -> GSM Email - SMTP Switch power Internet -> GSM Local relay output Remote relay over IP 4 destinations 12

13 Local relay output 13 ON Local thermostat function, relay switched by sensor value.

14 GSM gateway function Poseidon 4002 with GSM modem is SMS gateway for sending SMS from other Poseidon units on local network. You need one GSM modem and one SIM card only per server room. 14 Telephone number of Mr. Green (on this drawing) you define on Poseidon 4001 web page (source of green alert) SMS can be sent from Poseidon 3266, 4001, 4002 Communication is based on TCP/IP protocol (Soap) and SMS is postponed when GSM modem is busy.

15 Poseidon 4002: complete solution Poseidon 4002 is a 19" 1U rack mount system for datacenter monitoring. The Poseidon solution monitors temperature, humidity, electricity supply, access to the room, detectors. Alerting works by e-mail, SNMP traps, SMS, output relays. Voltage -48V DC Current 30A AC Fan failure detector Water leak detector Voltage 110/230 AC Control/detector Relay outputs Humidity Temperature Smoke detector Door opening detector Energy meter GSM modem support (IP SMS GW function) 15

16 16 Summary 1)Check the Poseidon 4002 online (online demo). 2)Download flyer or manual 3)Order the Poseidon 4002 Tset for your first steps..

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