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Team M.A.R.S. (Ryan McDevitt, Matt Helm, Scott Klima, Abhinav Kalavar) 1.

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1 Team M.A.R.S. (Ryan McDevitt, Matt Helm, Scott Klima, Abhinav Kalavar) 1

2  Goal -To design and construct a model Zero Energy Home with a practical living environment, while including all of the features that we want in our own house.  Important Features -Passive Solar Design -Efficient Appliances -Photovoltaic System -Man Cave -Geothermal Heating/Cooling 2

3 Location (city, state)Harrisburg, PA House size (floor area in square feet) 4308 Number of floors3 Number of occupants4 Number of bedrooms5 Type of heating system (forced air, hydronic, radiant floor, heat pump, etc. Electric geothermal heat pump Main heating fuel (electricity, natural gas, wood, oil, etc.) Electricity Size of photovoltaic system (kilowatts) 8.9 Solar water heater (yes or no)Yes R-value of wall insulation36 R-value of ceiling insulation60 Ventilation air heat recovery (yes or no) Yes Predicted or measured annual energy use 7.59 kilowatts 3

4 Mfg.Model # CapacityMEFWF Annual Energy Use(kwh/y r) Annual Water Use(gal/ yr) Energy Cost $/yr Water Cost $/yr Sewer Cost $/yr Total Op. Cost $/yr Price Whirlpool WFW94H EX*+ 4.333.212.75614,990$51.61$19.96$29.94$101$726 Electric Geothermal Heat Pump Efficiency Low monthly cost No budget so why not? Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) WhirpoolWasher -Model WFW94HEX*+ 4

5  Goal – 1 st Floor  Window Area = 10% of 1 st Floor Area  Slab Area = 2-3 times the size Window Area on 1 st floor  Also within the range of the south facing windows  Results  Windows  1 st Floor Window Area = 200ft 3  1 st Floor Area = 1840ft 3  Window Area to Floor Area Ratio 10.9%  Slab Area  Area = 780  Slab Area to Window Area Ratio = 3.9 5

6 6

7  Second Floor  Can use a concept called “water walls” or water tubes 7 Image 1: gn-manual-heating.html Image 2

8  Panels  Sunpower SPR-318-WHT-D  318W/panel  Size of PV system: 8.9kW  Reasons for using this model  Number of panels: 28 (7 panels in series)  Total Voltage: ~385V 8

9  Inverter  Sunny Boy 9000TL-US  Max DC Power: 9400W  Peak Power Tracking Voltage Range: 300V-480V (mid-range of tracking voltage: 390V) 9

10 10 Second Floor Sketch

11 11 Second Floor Sketchup

12 12

13 13

14 14

15 15

16 16

17 17

18  Open interior  Maximum potential of basement (Man Cave)  5 bedrooms  3.5 bathrooms  4,308 ft 2  Energy Efficient Appliances  Hardwood floors, except carpet basement  R-60 Ceiling insulation  R-36 Wall insulation 18

19  Flat roof, lined with solar panels  Potential to be a “Green Roof”  Wood Exterior  Patio  Bay window amongst other south facing windows 19 Image:

20 20 General InfoHeating & Cooling LocationHarrisburg Type of heating & cooling system Electric geothermal heat pump Electricity cost ($/kwh)0.1 Solar Technologies Conditioned floor area (sq.ft.)4308 Size of PV system (kw)8.9 Number of bedrooms5 Solar water heaterYes Envelope DetailsBehavior Wall construction Double 2x4 with 10" foamWater conservationA lot Ceiling InsulationR60Uses clotheslineA lot Window typeTriple low-eThermostat setbackA lot Upper floor ceiling area (sq.ft.)1788Heat thermostat setting (F)70 North wall area (gross) (sq.ft.)1160Cool thermostat setting (F)76 East wall area (sq.ft.)640 South wall area (sq.ft.)1196.25 West wall area (sq.ft.)640 North window area (sq.ft.)105.67 East window area (sq.ft.)0 South window area (sq.ft.)255.25 West window area (sq.ft.)36 Air tightness Tight with heat recovery Appliances RefrigeratorBest Clothes WasherBest DishwasherBest Amount of other appliancesA lot less

21 Chart 1Chart 2 21

22  Google Sketchup  Scale Modeling  Efficient Heating Systems  The utilization and benefits of Solar Energy  Difficulty creating a “realistic” ZEH  House size  PV system size  Understanding impact on environment  How much energy we use  Teamwork  Time management  Fair distribution of work 22

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