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Towards an Integration Test Architecture for Open MAS

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1 Towards an Integration Test Architecture for Open MAS
Luiz Fernando Rodrigues Gustavo Robichez de Carvalho Rodrigo de Barros Paes Carlos José Pereira de Lucena 03/10/2005

2 Luiz Fernando Rodrigues <>
Outline Motivation The integration problem Integration Test Architecture Related Work Diagnosis Based Adaptability Conclusions Next Steps Luiz Fernando Rodrigues

3 Luiz Fernando Rodrigues <>
Motivation MAS pros Use of distributed resources Towards multiple goals in parallel Reduce risk of a single point of failure MAS con Complex environment rules Incorrect assumptions Failure to act on incorrect assumptions Degraded performance Incorrect results System Halt (worst case) Luiz Fernando Rodrigues

4 Luiz Fernando Rodrigues <>
Motivation Example TAC Trade Agent Competition Interaction rules must be respected New developed agent How to ensure correct interaction with the system? How to observe agent’s malfunctions? How to detect causes of malfunctions? Luiz Fernando Rodrigues

5 Integration Test Architecture
Open MAS approach System observation Report generation XMLaw based Luiz Fernando Rodrigues

6 Luiz Fernando Rodrigues <>
XMLaw Enforcement language Environment Structural model Relations among law elements Dynamic model Event-driven architecture Communication among elements Central Server Mediator Agent blocks “out-law” messages Paes, R., Carvalho, G., Lucena, C., Alencar, P., Almeida, H., and da Silva, V. T. (2005). Specifying laws in open multi-agent systems. In Agents, Norms and Institutions for Regulated Multiagent Systems - ANIREM, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Luiz Fernando Rodrigues

7 XMLaw – Structural Model
Luiz Fernando Rodrigues

8 Luiz Fernando Rodrigues <>
XMLaw Example Luiz Fernando Rodrigues

9 Luiz Fernando Rodrigues <>
Observing the System Assertions establishment Observation Points Time to live Cardinality Agent Type Agent Role Entrance State Execution Trace Execution Context Evolution Logic Luiz Fernando Rodrigues

10 Luiz Fernando Rodrigues <>
Observation Points Luiz Fernando Rodrigues

11 Integration Test Architecture
Collector Agent Subscribe to all events (1) Store Events (2) Block / Unblock operation mode (3) Report Engine Templates Definition Reports Generation (4) New Agent Send Interaction Messages A new Agent to be integrated Luiz Fernando Rodrigues

12 Integration Test Architecture
Luiz Fernando Rodrigues

13 Related Work Horling, Bryan, Lesser, Victor, Vincent, Regis, Bazzan, Ana, and Xuan, Ping. Diagnosis as an Integral Part of Multi-Agent Adaptability. Proceedings of DARPA Information Survivability Conference and Exposition, IEEE Computer Society, pp January 2000

14 Luiz Fernando Rodrigues <>
Related Work Diagnosis Based Adaptability Expectation and Assumptions Knowledge about the agent's expected operational behavior TAEMS Detecting Possible Failures Methods for detecting deviations from expectations Performing the Diagnosis Faculties for diagnosing these deviations when they are found Causal Model Luiz Fernando Rodrigues

15 Expectations and Assumptions - TAEMS
Luiz Fernando Rodrigues

16 Performing the Diagnosis – Causal Model
Luiz Fernando Rodrigues

17 Conclusion and Next Steps

18 Comparing both approaches
Diagnosis Based Adaptability Expected Behavior Agent Property TAEMS Abnormal method results Quality, cost and duration Diagnosis Causal Model Integration Test Architecture System Property XMLaw Observation points Human Report Interpretation Luiz Fernando Rodrigues

19 Luiz Fernando Rodrigues <>
Conclusion Law approach Single point of control Expected Behavior Diagnosis Approach Diagnose Model Diagnose Automation Report Generation Information filter Human Interpretation Luiz Fernando Rodrigues

20 Next Steps and Future Work
Study of Diagnose Techniques Model-based Symptom-direct Collaborative Use a diagnose technique in the integration test architecture Luiz Fernando Rodrigues

21 Questions?

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